Lauren Lane brings her puppy, Norbert, to the Lake Reba dog park on Monday.

After several concerns were made to parks department members in Richmond about the dog park in Lake Reba, the parks board discussed other options.

Tuesday, Erin Moore, the director of parks administration and recreation, asked the board what their thoughts were.

"There have been a lot of concerns and issues regarding the dog park at Lake Reba," she said. "It is a mud pit the entire time that it has been there, and it continues to be a mud pit, and it is not usable all the time."

From there, she asked if they had any issues —or thoughts—about moving or constructing new fencing for a park.

She suggested the new park be located on Lake Reba's backside, behind the soccer field portion.

"This is an opportunity to get a large dog park area at the top lefthand side," she said.

Dan McBride, the parks board's co-chair, said as a new dog owner himself, he thought the idea is great.

"It is on a grassy hill, and this would offer a better place for the dogs to run," he said.

However, Moore said there was not as much parking in the area, and owners would have to walk father to access the park.

Also, a portable bathroom would have to be set up, as the new location would be farther from the park's restrooms.

Despite those factors, a motion was made — and unanimously approved — for the relocation of the Lake Reba Dog Park.

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