Richmond man charged with heroin trafficking

Richmond Police arrested a man on Oxford Circle after they initiated a traffic stop for failure to use a turn signal.

Upon talking with the driver, Jeffery Clark, 34, Oxford Circle, Richmond, was unable to produce proof of insurance and requested his mother send him a card. According to the citation, several times the wrong card was sent either belonging to another vehicle or being expired.

The correct card was eventually sent and insurance verified. Clark's window tint was tested after officers thought it was too dark and asked him to roll down the window because they could not see in the vehicle.

An RPD canine was brought to the scene and indicated drugs near the driver's side door, and a search was initiated. Under the driver's seat, a small silver Jiminez .25 caliber handgun and a holster was discovered. He was read his Miranda Rights and informed officers he wanted to waive them.

In a black backpack that was in the passenger seat officers located two syringes, two clear plastic baggies, a drive-stun taser, and an operation scale. Clark informed officers he had "ice" in a small pocket of his shorts. Officers located a clear, plastic baggie containing a tan powdery substance suspected to be heroin weighing around 5.27 grams.

While taking Clark's phone from his pockets, officers could see texts messages implicating a drug transaction taking place. He had two operational phones.

The citation states that while on the scene, the above's mother and girlfriend gave permission to search the residence where cops located a loaded handgun under a mattress he stated was his own. Clark is a convicted felon with previous possession charges.

He was taken to the Madison County Detention Center where he was charged with disregarding a stop sign, excessive windshield tinting, first-offense trafficking a controlled substance (heroin), possession of a handgun by a convicted felon, and possessing drug paraphernalia.

Other arrests include:

• Timothy VanWinkle, 28, Dinsmore Street, Berea, fourth-degree assault (domestic violence) minor injury.

• Henry Taylor, 62, Lexington, first-degree, first offense, trafficking a controlled substance (opiates), bribery of a public servant, first offense prescription controlled substance not in the proper container.

• Billy Johnson, 37, address unknown, fourth-degree assault and public intoxication of a controlled substance.

• William Clark, 58, Irvine, first offense, first-degree possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine), second-degree possession of a controlled substance (drug unspecified), third-degree possession of a controlled substance (drug unspecified), failure to operate or improper signal, buy or possess drug paraphernalia, and no registration plates.

• Joseph Smith, 22, Race Street, Richmond, first-degree, first offense possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine), second-degree possession of a controlled substance (drug unspecified), third-degree possession of a controlled substance (drug unspecified), and buy or possessing drug paraphernalia.

• James Dooley, 56, Wildflower Lane, Berea, fourth-degree assault (domestic violence) no visible injury.

• Kelley Stacy, 37, Mount Vernon, fourth-degree assault (domestic violence) no visible injury.

• James McGuire, 57, Congelton Lane, Richmond, fourth-degree assault (domestic violence) minor injury.

• Nina Holt, 32, Miracle Street, Berea, fourth-degree assault dating violence, minor injury.

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