Tabitha Reece

Tabitha Reece

A Richmond woman has been indicted for attempted murder after she allegedly ran over her boyfriend with a van.

Tabitha Reece, 39, Richmond, has been indicted for first-degree assault and attempted first-degree murder.

The decision was made on May 28, 2021, by the Madison Circuit Court Division I.

The indictment reads, on or about Sept. 25, 2020, in Madison County, Kentucky, Reece committed the offense of first-degree assault by running over Jerry Whittie with her van, causing him serious physical injury; or in the alternative, on or about Sept. 25, 2020, in Madison County, Kentucky, Reece committed the offense of attempted first-degree murder by running over Jerry Whittie with her van, with the intent to cause his death.

Tabiath was not incarcerated at the time of the indictment. She was arrested by the Madison County Sheriff Department on Wednesday.

According to a previous Register article, on Sept. 25, Richmond police were called to a residence at Keri Ann Court after a hang-up/unknown call came into 911-dispatch.

Upon their arrival, Reece told officers the victim, her boyfriend, was bleeding from his nose. She told officers she had run over the victim with a van, and officers noticed the victim on the ground, unresponsive and bleeding from the head, nose, and ears.

In an interview at the police department, Reece told officers the victim had too much to drink at her daughter's apartment. So she decided to drive him to his home on Keri Ann Court. According to the citation, she told officers the couple began to argue on the way to the residence.

Once they arrived, Reece said the victim refused to exit the vehicle, and when he did, he slammed the door of her minivan.

After he got out, Reece stated she went to back out of the driveway, but she coasted backward after the victim kicked her passenger-side door four times.

Then, Reece said she became so angry she put the vehicle into drive and sped up towards the victim, and then whipped the vehicle in a U-turn around him. She said she believed she had run over him after driving through his yard and his neighbor's lawn to complete the turn and saw him lying on the ground.

Both eye-witness accounts and criminal reconstruction units have verified Reece increased the speed and made the turn which would have struck the victim.

When asked if she was aware that she made a blatant disregard for the safety of the victim's life with her decisions, she replied, "That's what it seems like."

The victim was transported to UK Hospital and Medical Center and was unresponsive and intubated at the time of the citation.

According to ER staff, the victim suffered broken ribs, a broken jaw, and a traumatic brain bleed that caused his brain to shift.

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