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Bradley Lefurgy, 47, North First Street, Richmond, has been charged with first-degree wanton endangerment and prostitution (solicitation) after being arrested by Richmond Police.

According to a citation on Tuesday, officers responded to a report of a man threatening with a gun. The victim stated Lefurgy was at their apartment and that he poured urine on her bed. She told officers she locked him outside and he banged on the door and when she opened it, he pointed a gun at her and threatened her and asked where his keys were.

Police spoke with Lefurgy, and claimed he seemed intoxicated. The citation stated he admitted he came to the area to have sex for $200 and when the victims would not comply, he pulled out his gun. Lefurgy allegedly told the police he met one of the victims online. When asked where the money was, Lefurgy allegedly said he was going to go to the ATM.

Lefurgy was arrested Tuesday and taken to the Madison County Detention Center where he remained according to online jail records.

Man charged with third-degree assault of a police officer

Jacob Kerr, 20, Gibson Lane, Richmond, is charged with second-degree disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, menacing, third-degree assault of a police officer and fourth-degree assault (domestic violence/minor injury) after being arrested by Richmond Police.

According to a citation, officers responded to a domestic violence incident in progress which was both verbal and physical. While police officers were on the way to the scene, they received information that Kerr was seen punching a car window and then removing the victim from the drivers seat back into a residence.

When police made contact with Kerr, he allegedly began yelling and creating a scene. The citation states a strong odor of alcohol was coming off of Kerr. While officers spoke to Kerr, they allegedly could hear the victim inside crying. Kerr then told an officer he was going inside the residence to get a cigarette. However, the officer told Kerr that he would get the cigarette instead, and for Kerr to stay outside. Kerr allegedly disobeyed this order and pushed back inside the residence and obtained a cigarette.

According to the citation, when police made it to the living room, Kerr turned to an officer and clenched his fists. Kerr was ordered to step back but disobeyed. Officers then attempted to put Kerr in handcuffs and he resisted and pulled away. While resisting, Kerr was given orders to stop but didn't. While cuffing Kerr, one officer was struck in the chest and another was struck in their arm numerous times.

Kerr was then taken to a police car and resisted, having to be forcibly put into the vehicle. He was then taken to the Madison Detention Center while the other officer completed the investigation.

After speaking with the victim, police allegedly gathered Kerr had become severely intoxicated throughout the day and a verbal argument escalated. Kerr allegedly pushed the victim twice causing injuries to her left side. The victim told police that she had tried to leave during the altercation when Kerr took her car keys and threw them against the parking lot and broke them into several pieces. The victim said she was sitting in her car at the time, attempting to make a call when Kerr came back outside and forcibly removed her from the vehicle and carried her back inside and placed her in a chair. He then went back outside and got into the altercation with law enforcement.

Kerr was arrested on Saturday and taken to the Madison County Detention Center. As of Oct. 14 he has not been released.

Other arrests include:

• Curtis Broughton, 29, Taylor Banks Road, McKee, Ky, first-degree possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine/first offense), third-degree possession of a controlled substance (drug unspecified).

• Marco Chaidez, 34, Lowery Heights Drive, Richmond, Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of a substance, possession of marijuana, third-degree criminal mischief.

• Byron Franzell, 19, Perwinkle Lane, Louisville, third-degree criminal trespassing.

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