Richmond police arrested a man for first-degree sexual abuse Wednesday afternoon after officers were called to the National Guard Armory, where the caller told officers they received information about the man possibly touching another soldier inappropriately without consent.

Darren Turner

Darren Turner

Officers then spoke with Darren Turner, 46, Columbia, Ky., who said that he and three other soldiers "hung out" on Aug. 10 from about 7 p.m. until midnight, according to a citation. Turner said he and the other soldiers had various conversations before letting other soldiers sleep in the "vault" while he slept in his office.

Turner said between midnight and 12:30 a.m., he heard a lot of noise from the vault and went to investigate, the citation states. When he opened the door, he saw the other soldiers asleep, closed the door and returned to his office. When officers asked if he ever touched or had been touched by the soldiers who were in the vault, he said no.

Police then spoke with one of the other soldiers present that night (Witness 1), who said that they went out to dinner with two other soldiers before returning to the armory at about 7:30 p.m. Witness 1 said that at one point in the night, they saw Turner rubbing another soldier's back (the victim) and saw the victim slide away from him, the citation states.

Witness 1 said Turner seemed very intoxicated and said they had never seen Turner act that way before. Not long after, they went to bed, according to the citation. The following morning, at about 6 a.m., Witness 1 was with the victim in the bathroom together, and the victim informed Witness 1 they had woken up to Turner touching them inside their pants. The victim told Witness 1 they had told Turner to stop, and Turner returned to his room.

Witness 1 told officers that before police arrived on Tuesday, Turner texted Witness 1 with a message saying, "Hey," and Witness 1 ignored it, the citation states.

Officers next spoke with the victim, who confirmed what Witness 1 said, the citation states. The victim said they were hanging out with Turner and others while having drinks at the armory. At one point, the victim told the others they had a knot in their shoulder to which Turner said he could work it out before rubbing the victim's back.

The victim said they all went to sleep at around midnight, and Turner slept in his office while the victim was sleeping in a different room with other soldiers, the citation states. The victim told officers that they were woken up because Turner was touching them inappropriately, asked him what he was doing and felt scared. The victim said Turner then responded by saying he could "show (them) a good time." He said he would do more sexual acts "and no one would find out."

The victim told Turner no, and he began to apologize before he kissed the victim's ear, according to the citation. The victim told police Turner then said, "No, it's not OK … I'm really sorry."

After the incident, another soldier told the victim that they witnessed Turner staring at the victim for about five minutes before he walked toward them, the citation states.

Turner was taken to the Madison County Detention Center, where he remained Thursday afternoon, according to online jail records.

Maj. Steve Martin of the National Guard said the incident is also being investigated by the Fort Knox Criminal Investigation Department, as it reportedly happened at the post at the Blue Grass Army Depot, which is federal property.

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