An Ohio man has been arrested after he was pulled over driving over the speed limit on the interstate.

When deputies with the Madison County Sheriff's Office made contact with Larry Simpson, of Columbus, they observed an Old English 24 oz. beer can in the center console which was open. According to a citation, deputies could smell alcoholic beverages on his person. Before he got out of the vehicle, Simpson stated he did not have insurance or registration for the vehicle because he just purchased it.

The citation stated Simpson had bloodshot eyes and was unsteady on his feet admitting to drinking a couple of beers.

During his field sobriety test on the one leg stand, Simpson allegedly said, "Take me to jail, I can't do this." The subject said he was not going to continue and admitted to drinking.

His breathalyzer test recorded at .218.

His license was also expired when deputies contacted dispatch. Simpson was taken to the Madison County Detention Center where he remained. He was charged with speeding 13 mph over the limit, first offense operating a motor vehicle under the influence, no registration plates, no registration receipts, failure to produce insurance, failure to maintain insurance, operating on a suspended license and possession of an alcoholic beverage in the vehicle.

Other arrests include:

• Amanda Mullins, Owensboro, first offense, first-degree possession of a controlled substance (heroin), first-degree, first offense possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine) and first-degree promoting contraband.

• William McFarland, Mount Vernon, operating on a suspended or revoked license, no operators moped license, first offense failure to maintain insurance, failure to produce insurance card, first offense failure to maintain insurance, operating vehicle with expired operators license and possession of an open alcoholic beverage.

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