A Richmond man arrested for assault and attempted arson claimed he was in a "simulation" and on the hunt for a "killer clown," a citation noted.

Jackie Powell, Richmond, was arrested on Monday and charged with fourth-degree assault, first-degree attempted arson, first-degree wanton endangerment, and serving a parole violation.

On Monday, an RPD officer responded to a residence after a female caller told dispatchers Powell called her and said he had killed a family member.

After arriving at the residence, the officer was greeted by the family member Powell claimed to have killed.

The family member had a cut on his wrist and allegedly told the officer to take Powell to jail.

According to the arrest citation, Powell was sitting on the living room couch in the residence with his hands up.

The citation noted Powell was immediately uncooperative with the officer and was repeating the officer's questions back to him.

Powell claimed the responding officer we wasn't a real police officer. He was then detained on an unrelated warrant.

Text in the citation stated Powell claimed his family was actually dead and that he was living in some sort of simulation.

While searching Powell, the officer allegedly found a kitchen knife in Powell's left pocket, a pair of scissors in his right pocket, and a lighter in his sweatshirt pocket. One of the witnesses claimed Powell was possibly under the influence of methamphetamine.

According to the citation, a witness claimed he found Powell asleep in his truck so he moved him upstairs. Powell allegedly disappeared into the bathroom and did not come out for several hours. The witness said Powell exited the bathroom after nearly an hour and came out talking about the Bible.

Powell allegedly claimed the witness was the devil and that the night would be the end for himself and both witnesses.

According to an arrest citation, Powell used a can of WD-40 and a lighter to shoot flames up at the ceiling of the residence. When the witness moved in to stop him, Powell allegedly pointed the can and lighter at him before "hinting" he would spray the witness with flames.

The witness allegedly wrestled the WD-40 away from Powell — sustaining the injury to his wrist in the process.

Powell was eventually restrained and allegedly "spoke nonsense" for several hours, before the phone call was made that which led to law enforcement's arrival.

While riding in the police car on the way to the Madison County Detention Center, Powell allegedly said he felt like he was in the film "IT" and that he had been looking for a killer clown for several months.

A citation states Powell then stated his belief he was in a simulation and that nothing was real. Powell then allegedly asked if he could resist the jail staff and be tazed, but no further actions were taken.

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