Man charged with strangulation and assault

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A Berea man is facing strangulation and domestic violence charges after an alleged argument.

On Saturday, Jeffrey Tarter, 23, Berea, was arrested by Richmond police and charged with fourth-degree domestic violence assault with a minor injury, and first-degree strangulation.

According to a citation, officers responded to a residence in regards to request for a welfare check. The caller said the victim had told them Tarter was threatening her, and she was afraid he was going to kill her on Aug. 24. The victim allegedly called into work on Aug. 25 and Aug. 26, so the complainant requested a welfare check.

The citation states, on Aug. 26, when the officer arrived, they made contact with Tarter at the front door of the apartment.

The officer then spoke with the victim separately outside. The victim said she felt safe and was not in danger. She also said Tarter had not been physical with her, and she did not need any help from law enforcement. The victim said she told her friend she was afraid Tarter would kill her, only because they were verbally arguing and told the officer no threats were made to her.

According to the citation, on Aug. 28, dispatch advised the officer to contact the victim.

In this second conversation with the officer, the victim said Saturday was the first day she could get away from Tarter to contact the officer. The victim said she was afraid of Tarter, and even if he did go to jail, she would be afraid to be alone or in her apartment because if he got out, she was afraid he would kill her.

A citation states, the victim then told the officer on Aug. 24 Tarter was angry with her and accused her of cheating on him. Tarter then locked herself inside, grabbed the victim by her throat, and threw her on the ground. Tarter then got on top of the victim and strangled her for five to eight seconds, during which she allegedly said her breathing was impaired and she was in fear for her life.

The victim stated Tarter then slapped the victim on the side of the face and stood up. Tarter had allegedly been drinking at the time and continued to accuse the victim of cheating. The victim then went into another bedroom. Tarter then came into the bedroom still angry and again strangled the victim for five to eight seconds several more times. He also slapped her on the side of her face repeatedly.

The citation states, Tarter allegedly asked the victim if she had been flirting with another woman, and she thought if she said yes, he would stop hitting her. When she said yes, Tarter allegedly head-butted her in the forehead. After Tarter got up and the victim got onto the bed, he continued to question her and then got on top of her while she was on the bed and slapped her several more times on the side of the face. The victim said eventually, Tarter stopped and just went to sleep.

The victim still had slight bruising on her forehead.

Tarter was taken to the Madison County Detention Center.

Other arrests:

• Tina Cody, 52, Richmond, first-degree possession of a controlled substance (heroin/first offense), first-degree possession of a controlled substance (drug unspecified/first offense), buying or possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Danny Fritts, 54, Waco, public intoxication under a controlled substance (excludes alcohol), first-degree possession of a controlled substance (heroin/first offense).

• Faith Thornburg, 20, Richmond, fourth-degree domestic violence assault with no visible injury.

• James Slagle, 49, Richmond, failure to appear, first-degree possession of a controlled substance (heroin/first offense).

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