Richmond police arrested a man and a woman Tuesday on charges involving a child after medical staff at a doctor's office, Department of Community Based Services and law enforcement were told by a 3-year-old's family member that the child had facial bruising, bruising to their legs and was bleeding from their private area on June 17.

Terry Gordon

Terry Gordon

Terry Gordon, 35, Willis Court, was the only person "to have opportunity to rape the (child)," according to a citation. The child was bleeding from their private area for five days while in medical care, the citation states.

The child told investigators Gordon was the one who harmed them and demonstrated to police that he "put his hands like this," as the child grabbed their throat in a strangulation motion, the citation states. The child also said Gordon hurt their private area.

Teresa Fish, 25, Smith Village, Richmond, had known about the injuries for at least 24 hours and hadn't sought medical attention for the child, according to a second citation. She was also deceptive with police and medical personnel about how the child got the injuries.

Fish said she noticed blood in the child's underwear on June 16, but threw them away and didn't seek medical care, the second citation states. She also lied to her family about the injuries and didn't want to create suspicion about Gordon, who is Fish's first cousin and boyfriend, according to the second citation.

Fish also was aware that Gordon has been accused of child molestation in the past and suspected him of abusing the child as well, but continued to allow him to be around the child, the second citation states.

Teresa Fish

Teresa Fish

When officers went to Fish's home, "the apartment was in deplorable conditions: dried vomit on the stairs, numerous cat feces/urine piles throughout, trash bags filled with trash piled in the kitchen, insect activity to the degree it was almost a hazard for officials to be in the apartment," the second citation states. Police also found a marijuana grinder and two marijuana pipes.

Police spoke with Gordon, who said, "'I love incest porn. I'm addicted to it,'" the first citation reads. He also had incest pornography on his phone during the night the child was abused. He also "surreptitiously washed the (child's) bloody bedsheets in the middle of the night, to try and hide any DNA evidence, knowing an official proceeding may take place," according to his citation.

Fish admitted to police that she hadn't changed the child's underwear in three days and to smoking marijuana around the child, the second citation states. The night the child was abused, Fish "was so intoxicated from alcohol that she needed help to walk up the stairs, and the (child) had no sober adult to care for (them)," the first citation states.

Gordon is charged with first-degree rape (victim younger than 12), first-degree assault, tampering with physical evidence and buying/possessing drug paraphernalia. Fish is charged with first-degree criminal abuse (victim younger than 12), tampering with physical evidence and buying/possessing drug paraphernalia.

Both Gordon and Fish were taken to the Madison County Detention Center, where they remained Wednesday afternoon, according to online jail records.

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