Sean Dykes

Sean Dykes

Richmond police arrested a man Thursday afternoon for first-degree assault (domestic violence), first-degree criminal abuse (child 12 or younger) and second-degree assault (domestic violence) after a baby suffered about 27 bone fractures, including to their skull, ribs, spine, arms, legs, hands and feet on May 25.

Officers and paramedics were called to Keri Anne Court, where it was reported the 3-month old had suffered head injuries, according to a citation. The victim also suffered retinal hemorrhaging, bruises to their face, head and stomach and possible internal injuries.

The citation states Sean Dykes, 24, Keri Anne Court, was the only person who was with the baby during the time the injuries could have occurred. Thursday, officers spoke with Dykes, who said he suffers from multiple personality disorder and has been under a lot of stress.

Dykes told police he went into a rage, grabbed the baby by their abdomen, slammed them on the bed and blacked out in rage, according to the citation. He said the next thing he remembered was the baby having a seizure, as well as cuts and bruises to their head. He said his right hand hurt.

"Dykes said the only possible explanation is that he punched the infant in the head, which caused (their) injuries," the citation states. "Dykes agreed that all the evidence suggested he was the one responsible for (the baby's) injuries. He said he was sorry for abusing (the baby) and would apologize to (the baby) if he could."

Additionally, Dykes demonstrated on a teddy bear the acts he committed against the victim, the citation states.

Police also spoke to another victim of Dykes's alleged abuse, who said in March, Dykes pushed them to the floor and strangled them for 10-15 seconds with his hand until the victim couldn't breathe, the citation states. The victim told police they had difficulty swallowing for days after the strangulation, and their throat hurt for weeks.

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