Man charged after allegedly assaulting girlfriend in a Countryside Inn

Jeremy Jaggers, 28, Richmond, was charged with fourth-degree assault (domestic violence/minor injury), first-degree unlawful imprisonment, menacing, and first-degree strangulation after Richmond police arrested him on Monday.

According to a citation, an officer responded to a non-injury collision where the operator was Jagger’s girlfriend. While the officer was investigating the crash, the victim told the officer of a physical altercation between herself and Jaggers at the Countryside Inn. She also allegedly said she wanted to file for a protection order. The victim allegedly agreed to meet the officer at the Richmond Police Department to do a recorded interview as well as file for an EPO.

The citation states, an officer went to the Countryside Inn to attempt to make contact with Jaggers. Upon the officer’s arrival, they were able to make contact with the hotel owner and determine which room Jaggers was in. However, the officer was unable to make contact with Jagger inside the room. An officer could see a chair placed behind the door from the inside, which the officer said showed someone was inside. An officer eventually caught Jagger attempting to leave the room, detained him, and transported him to the Richmond Police Department.

According to the citation, another officer met with the victim and started the EPO process. During the interview process, the victim told police Jagger started a verbal altercation with her and accused her of cheating and being on her phone late at night. She said the verbal altercation continues, so she told him, “If you don’t want me here, I’ll just leave,” and he responded, “Get the f*** out.” The victim said she attempted to gather her belongings, and it was then Jaggers became angry and started to get in her way of the doorway and started pushing her back with his body.

The victim said Jaggers made the statement if she left, he would kill her at least three times while he was blocking the doorway. Jaggers also allegedly had the victim’s keys during the altercation. The victim said Jaggers made statements saying he would take her out of this world while preventing her from leaving the room. The victim told police she stopped attempting to escape and sat back down, and Jaggers did the same. However, the verbal altercation continued.

The citation states, the victim allegedly told police she got up and opened the door and told Jaggers she was going to get people involved if he didn’t stop and allow her to get her things. She said Jaggers told her to “Shut the f*** up, or something will happen,” and closed the door. The victim allegedly said she started to gather her things into bags once again, and Jaggers “lost it” and started grabbing her again. She said he was standing near the door when Jaggers came from behind her, grabbed her by the hair and back of the neck, and took her down to the ground forcibly.

The victim stated Jaggers picked her up with both hands and placed her onto the corner of the bed, and then alleged Jaggers began to use both hands to apply pressure down on her neck. According to the citation, the victim told police he was using “As much pressure as he could,” according to the citation. The victim alleged she told Jaggers she could not breathe, and it felt like she was dying and passing out. She told police she remembered saying, “You’re killing me,” and he responded, “Good, I don’t give a f***.”

According to the citation, the victim said her vision became blurred, and she started seeing black, and then she came back to with him standing over the edge of the bed angrily. The victim was allegedly able to flee the room and was then involved in the collision shortly after. When speaking to the victim, she said she did feel as if she was going to die during the altercation, and she was held against her will. The protection order was granted and served. An officer was able to take pictures of the victim’s injuries and noted areas she complained of pain. The officer noticed injuries to the victim’s left hand (minor cuts and scrapes) and her right hand (broken fingernail).

The citation states, Jaggers was advised of his Miranda Warning and told police the argument was only verbal. He said at no time did the argument turn physical, nor did he make any threats of violence to her. He also allegedly denied holding her against her will.

Jaggers was served with the protection order and then arrested and transported to the Madison County Detention Center.

Man charged with first-degree strangulation after an altercation with son

Michael Roberts, 51, Richmond, was charged with violation of a Kentucky EPO/DVO, first-degree strangulation, and buying or possession of drug paraphernalia after he was arrested on Tuesday by Richmond police.

According to a citation, an officer responded in reference to a possible domestic in progress. While the officer was en route to the location, dispatch advised Roberts had assaulted his son and fled the scene. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the victim. The victim had several small cuts on his face and body. The victim allegedly told police Roberts had choked him. Madison County EMS arrived on the scene and assessed the victim with no treatment needed. The officer then began to question the victim about the incident. The victim allegedly told police Roberts came into the home drunk and had started arguing with the victim. He said Roberts got extremely angry and began to assault him. The victim allegedly said this was a common occurrence in the household. The victim said he began to defend himself, striking Roberts back and trying to get away from him. A witness heard the commotion and yelled she was going to call the police.

The citation states, Roberts was going to leave at this point and went to the door with the victim behind him, asking him to leave. The victim said Roberts then turned and grabbed him by the throat and began to strangle him. The victim said he thought he could die and he could not breathe. He said he felt weak, like he was going to pass out. The witness said she was watching the incident and thought Roberts was going to kill the victim.

According to the citation, the victim told police he had been struck with an ashtray by Roberts before, and he had made numerous threats to kill him. The victim said the abuse had been going on since he was a child. He was advised of his rights to an EPO to which he accepted. It was found the witness had a Kentucky EPO/DVO on Roberts, which he violated by being in direct contact with her and living in her home.

The citation states, Roberts was located at a neighbor’s residence and apprehended without incident. Roberts allegedly said the argument started over clothes but would not give other details. Roberts was transported to the Madison County Detention Center and searched by jail staff. Staff found a glass pipe consistent with drug use was located on Roberts.

Other arrests include:

• Jonathan Quisenberry, 40, Staffordsville, Ky, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of a substance (189A.010(1C)/second offense), reckless driving, driving on DUI suspended license (first offense), first-degree possession of controlled substance (heroin).

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