EDITOR'S NOTE: The following article contains graphic depiction of sexual assault, child abuse, and physical abuse. Discretion is advised.

James Weathers, 31, Lawrenceburg, was charged with first-degree sexual abuse, fourth-degree domestic violence assault with no visible injury, first-degree strangulation, second-degree criminal mischief, third-degree terroristic threatening, and first-degree criminal mischief after he was arrested on three warrants on Wednesday by the Richmond Police Department.

According to a citation, on July 18, an officer was dispatched to Raintree Drive in reference to a possible sexual assault. The officer spoke with the victim, who is a juvenile.

The victim allegedly told the officer Weathers had been dating them for approximately one month and had also lived together.

According to police documents, the victim told investigators they got in a verbal argument with Weathers regarding a phone conversation with a woman.

The victim got in their car and went to a gas station. Weathers allegedly followed the victim on foot.

According to the citation, the victim told the officer they left the gas station because they were afraid Weathers was going to get violent with them.

When the victim returned home, Weathers allegedly went through the driver's side window and grabbed their right arm, causing pain. The officer noted they did not see any redness or bruising.

When the victim got out of the car and went into the house, Weathers allegedly followed them and stole their car keys. Weathers left before the officer's arrival.

According to the citation, the victim told a relative on July 7, Weathers had sexually assaulted them.

The juvenile allegedly said Weathers kissed them as he picked them up from under their arms, and as they were backing away.

Weathers allegedly picked them up again and took them over to the couch as Weathers was allegedly touching and kissing the victim.

The juvenile told police they went upstairs to their room, and Weathers came into their bedroom where they continued to assault the victim.

Weathers allegedly attempted to pull down the juvenile's pants, but they were able to pull them back up.

According to the citation, the juvenile told Weathers "no" several times and continued backing away.

On Wednesday, the officer read Weathers his Miranda rights at the Madison County Detention Center where he was already lodged for other charges, but Weathers allegedly refused to speak with the officer.

Weathers was arrested on a warrant for an alleged violent incident with another adult victim which occurred on June 19.

According to the warrant, an officer responded to Nadia Lane in reference to domestic violence. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with the victim who allegedly told the officer she lived at the address with her two daughters, both present, and her ex-boyfriend, Weathers, who was no longer at the scene.

The victim allegedly told the officer she recently filed an EPO against Weathers, but it had not yet been served. She and Weathers had been dating and living together for three years.

The victim arrived home with her daughters after leaving the house after an incident a few days prior.

A citation states, the victim told the officer when she entered her home with her girls, Weathers allegedly told her he "just wanted to talk and work out their issues." She allegedly told him she was going to call the police, left the house with her girls, and went outside to her car.

The warrant states, as she was outside, the victim saw her dog had been let outside, so she brought the dog back into the house. She assumed Weathers had left out the back door as he allegedly was known to do.

While the victim was inside the house and her daughters were outside, Weathers allegedly came up behind her and placed her in an one-arm headlock, squeezing her neck with his bicep and forearm.

The victim told the officer, as Weather's was placing pressure on her throat, she fell to the ground and tried crawling toward the kitchen. The victim claimed she started to get dizzy when Weathers let go of her and threw her onto the couch.

According to the warrant, Weathers allegedly got on top of her and continued to strangle her with both hands around her throat. The victim then told the officer she did not lose consciousness but started to when Weathers lifted a wrench above his head and threatened her.

A warrant states, Weathers demanded answers as to where she had been and why she called the police on him.

At this time, a friend of the victim entered the home. Weathers allegedly stopped and acted "as if everything was okay."

Weathers then left the home and allegedly struck the front glass door with the wrench, causing one pane of glass to shatter. The warrant states the damage is estimated to cost over $500.

A citation states Weathers then went to the friend's car and hit it with the wrench, which allegedly shattered the front windshield and caused several other dents. The damage is estimated to be about $1,000.

The victim told the officer, Weathers left on foot toward Dylan Place prior to the officer's arrival.

The warrant states, the victim was frightened and concerned Weathers would return. The victim told the officer he did not have keys to the home but "always finds a way in."

The victim also believed Weathers had taken her keys during the assault and may now have access. The officer advised her to change her locks as soon as possible.

The officer searched the area but was unable to locate Weathers at the time.

The Fire Department Emergency Crew responded and transported the victim to the University of Kentucky hospital due to the strangulation.

According to the warrant, the officer noted the victim had visible redness and swelling to her throat as well as scrapes on her neck and cheek. The officer believed her eyes appeared bloodshot, her throat was sore, and her voice was hoarse as a result of the strangulation.

The officer spoke to a neighbor who around the time of this incident could allegedly hear yelling through the wall. The neighbor told the officer they heard Weathers yell, "I'm going to kill you."

They did not observe any of the assault or property damage but came outside and told police they saw Weathers walking toward Dylan Place after the incident.

The neighbor called the police again to alert them they had seen the suspect behind the building; however, the officers responding were unable to locate the suspect.

Weathers was charged and lodged in Madison County Detention Center.

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