A London man was arrested earlier this week after allegedly breaking into an apartment and taking a shower.

Charles Dearing, 41, London, was arrested on Monday by Richmond police and charged with second-degree burglary, possession of burglary tools, first-degree criminal mischief, and third-degree criminal mischief.

According to a citation, on Monday around 7:34 a.m., an officer responded to a residence in reference to a criminal mischief call. The caller said her vehicle had been broken into.

When the officer arrived, they saw the front passenger window busted open, the rear passenger door open, and human feces smashed in a seat.

The officer was informed the window was valued at $200 and to get the car detailed would cost an additional $400.

The citation states, directly behind the vehicle were residences that were also damaged. One of the buildings had the middle board broken out of the front door and was covered in human feces. The building was searched, and no one was inside. Directly to the right was another building with a large amount of glass laying on the ground in front where the front door’s glass had been busted.

Two officers entered the building and walked up the stairs to clear the building. Upon stopping at the top of the stairs, they saw the apartment to the left had its door kicked in, which broke the deadbolt from the door frame. An officer saw Dearing lying in the bathtub with water running over his body upon entering the dwelling. He was immediately detained.

The citation states, Dearing said he understood his rights after being read his Miranda Rights and waived them. He said he was outside last night and had feces covering his body. He said he had busted out the front door of one of the buildings and used the board to break the car's window. After opening the car, he said he took his clothes off and grabbed a tire iron which he used to break the glass of the second building. After breaking the glass, he said he walked up the stairs and kicked the door into an apartment, and proceeded to take a shower to clean the feces off of his body.

According to the citation, the officer contacted the owners of the buildings and found the estimate for the property damage on the first was $6,000 for the door. The estimate for the second property was $5,000 for the glass front door, the door to the apartment was valued at $4,0000, and it would be an additional $400 to have the apartment cleaned.

Dearing was arrested and taken to the Madison County Detention Center.

Other arrests include:

George Camp, 31, Richmond, fourth-degree domestic violence assault with a minor injury.

Tequila Gould, 37, Berea, on the execution of an indictment warrant, first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance (greater than or equal to 10 D.U. of opiates/first offense), second-degree possession of a controlled substance (drug unspecified), first-degree possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine/first offense), persistent felony offender II.

Tyler Sprouse, 25, Richmond, first-degree possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine/first offense), public intoxication under a controlled substance (excludes alcohol).

Kenneth Houlihan, 56, Richmond, first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance (greater than or equal to two grams of methamphetamine/second or greater offense).

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