Richmond police arrested a man for fourth-degree assault (child abuse) and abandonment of a minor after officers responded to a daycare Monday afternoon because markings were noticed on a 4-year-old child.

An employee of the daycare saw a red, oddly raised knot on the right side of the child's forehead, according to a citation. The employee also saw a clearly visible full handprint on the child's stomach.

Joe Asher

Joe Asher

The child told the employee and officers that Joe Asher, 33, Raintree Drive, Richmond, hurt them, the citation states.

Officers contacted Asher, who said he was coming to pick the child up, however, he never arrived at the business, according to the citation. He also didn't try to contact officers or the daycare, despite the child needing medical attention.

Asher refused to cooperate with law enforcement and social services and was arrested at Madison County Family Court Wednesday morning, the citation states.

Asher was taken to the Madison County Detention Center, where he remained Wednesday afternoon, according to online jail records.

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Richmond police arrested Justin Kavanaugh, 36, Chris Drive, Richmond, for identity theft, controlled substance trafficking (heroin) and first-degree controlled substance possession (cocaine) after officers noticed a vehicle on Irvine Road that needed to have proof of insurance verified early Wednesday morning.

Justin Kavanaugh

Justin Kavanaugh

Officers pulled over the vehicle, and the driver appeared nervous, according to a citation. The driver immediately told police they didn't know Kavanuagh, who was a passenger in the vehicle. The two had met at some point during the night, and the driver said their friend asked them to drive Kavanaugh around because he had been drinking.

As one officer continued talking to the driver, another spoke to Kavanaugh, who gave police multiple variations of a Social Security number, the citation states. He also gave police a name that wasn't his.

Officers asked the driver to search the vehicle, and the driver consented, according to the citation. They found two baggies that contained about 8.19 grams of suspected heroin and 2.44 grams of suspected cocaine in the glove compartment in front of where Kavanaugh was sitting.

Police also were able to confirm Kavanaugh's identity and learned he was wanted on a warrant for contempt of court, the citation states.

Kavanaugh told police he had never seen the drugs before, the citation states.

However, the driver said that when police first went to pull the vehicle over, Kavanaugh told the driver to keep driving instead of stopping, the citation states. The driver also said Kavanaugh tried to give them something to shove.

When the driver asked what he meant, he told the driver to put it inside their person, the citation states. The driver refused to do as Kavanaugh said, and that's when he threw the items in the glove compartment.

Kavanaugh again denied possessing the drugs before he was taken to the MCDC, where he remained Wednesday afternoon, according to online jail records.

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