Berea man charged with assault, strangulation, kidnapping, etc.

Kevin Lamb, 26, Highway 1016, Berea, is charged with fourth-degree assault (domestic violence/minor injury), first-degree strangulation, kidnapping (adult), and possession of a handgun by a convicted felon after he was arrested by Richmond Police.

According to a citation, officers responded to Lamb's location in reference to a domestic/welfare check. When officers arrived they were unable to make contact with the victim. Officers were able to track the victim's cell phone and found it pinging in the residence. The officers were then authorized to breach the door and make entry. When they did so, they found Lamb inside as well as the victim. Lamb was detained and told his Miranda Warnings to which he said he would speak to the officers.

According to the citation, the victim told officers she and Lamb were involved in an altercation on Monday which involved Lamb striking her numerous times and using a firearm against her as well.

The officers gained consent to search the residence while a detective was in route. Lamb had stated he did not have any property at the residence and only stayed there on and off. Officers were unable to locate the firearm.

Both Lamb and the victim were brought to the police station for interviews.

While at the station, the victim told police Lamb had woken up angry on Monday and started to ask her question about messages on her phone. The verbal altercation allegedly progressed to a physical altercation when she attempted to walk out of the bedroom and Lamb struck her with a closed fist on the back of her head, causing her to fall forward to the floor. The victim then stated Lamb continued to yell and scream at her while she got back up and went into the bedroom area and got onto the corner of the bed.

Allegedly, Lamb then proceeded to pull/grab her off the bed and started accusing her once again and then struck her a second time with a closed fist. The victim said she got away and ran into the living room and Lamb followed, grabbing a black handgun from the table. The victim allegedly said she ran back into the bedroom to get away from him when Lamb followed her with the firearm in hand and started calling her names. When she tried to go to the living room area to get away, Lamb followed her and pushed her down to the floor.

According to the citation, Lamb got on top of the victim and proceeded to 'choke' her with one hand and touched the firearm to her head and continued to argue with her. The victim told police she was fighting to get away and blacked out and could not breath. She said while she was down she got kicked in the arm and side as well. Allegedly, when the victim came back to consciousness, she ran into another room and shut the door. Lamb came in approximately five to 10 minutes after and smacked her in the face with an open hand. Allegedly, Lamb then brandished the firearm once again and pointed it at her and said "its halfway pulled already, lie again."

According to the citation, the victim told police Lamb took her keys and cell phone so she couldn't leave and made statements such as "where do you think you're going?" and "you're not leaving." The victim allegedly tried to gather some belongings at this time and Lamb took the bag of clothes and threw them out the door over the hill and closed the door. At this time, the victim went back into the bedroom where Lamb came after her and proceeded to punch her on the right side of her head. The victim allegedly observed her keys handing on the hook near the door and took advantage of this and grabbed them as well as her cell phone. She then ran out the door and got into her car and fled the scene. Allegedly, as the victim left the driveway she observed Lamb in the doorway with the firearm pointed in the direction of her vehicle.

According to the citation, the victim went to Central Baptist Lexington to be treated for her injuries and returned to the residence. She was diagnosed with a mild concussion and strain to her arms due to physical assault.

Lamb denied these allegations including those of any firearm being used or possessed by him. He was arrested on Monday.

Richmond man charged with assault

Anthony Rivera, 36, Cherry Trace Street, Richmond, is charged with fourth-degree assault (domestic violence/minor injury) after being arrested by Kentucky State Police.

According to a citation, troopers responded to the residence after a child had called 911 saying Rivera was assaulting their mother. When the troopers arrived they made contact with the victim who said Rivera had gotten drunk and started to argue with her. Rivera then allegedly pulled her hair and started to shove her during an argument. When the troopers tried to speak with Rivera, he allegedly became belligerent and refused to give his side of the story.

Rivera was put under arrest on Wednesday and taken to jail.

Berea man charged with assault

Billy Hisle, 25, Blythe Court, Berea, is being charged with fourth-degree assault (domestic violence/minor injury) and possession of marijuana after being arrested by Berea Police.

According to a citation, police responded in reference to a physical domestic disturbance. Hisle allegedly told police he and the victim were traveling in a car in the area of Paint Lick Road. He said the two were in a verbal argument and the victim began baiting him to call her a name. Hisle said, as the argument continued, he called the victim a name. Hisle then said he struck the victim in the mouth, busting her bottom lip. The victim said the two were arguing over Hisle not working and her wanting him to leave the residence. She told police, while in her vehicle, Hisle punched her in the mouth. As he was being arrested, Hisle allegedly advised police he had a small bag of marijuana in his front right pocket. He was arrested on Monday.

Other arrests include:

• Javen Nelson, 19, Willow Drive, Richmond, trafficking in marijuana (8 oz to less than 5 lbs/first offense) and buying/possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Zayon Jones, 20, 307 E Street, trafficking in marijuana (8 oz to less than 5 lbs/first offense), buying/possession of drug paraphernalia, second-degree fleeing or evading police, resisting arrest, tampering with physical evidence, third-degree possession of a controlled substance (drug unspecified), first-degree burglary, first-degree robbery.

• Nicholas Gadd, 31, Madisonview Road, Berea, careless driving, operating on a suspended license, first-degree possession of a controlled substance (heroin) and buying/possession of drug paraphernalia.

• Charity Plowman, 35, Overland Drive, Richmond, first-degree possession of a controlled substance (heroin).

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