An Arizona woman was arrested by the Berea Police Department after a incident involving a sword.

Asia Lavay Lampley, of Arizona, was arrested on Jan. 9 and charged with careless driving, public intoxication on a controlled substance, third-degree assault of a police officer, and resisting arrest.

On Jan. 9, a BPD officer was dispatched to the interstate in regards to a reckless driver who allegedly held a sword out the window of a car.

While on the interstate, the arresting officer observed a vehicle matching the description of the one from the sword incident take the exit ramp off the interstate – almost going off the roadway in the process. Lampley (the car's driver) went inside of a gas station. According to arrest citations, the responding officer could view a longsword near the vehicle's console through the window.

The officer made contact contact with Lampley, who was allegedly uncooperative with the officer. Text in the citation said she made several irrational statements during the encounter and refused to show identification. Lampley began to walk back towards her car, but was told by the officer not to go towards the vehicle, as the sword was within arm's reach.

Lampley allegedly went back towards the gas station when the officer told her she was being detained. She pulled away from the officer numerous times before she was taken to the ground. According to the arrest citation, she began throwing punches at the officer's head.

Lampley allegedly had pinpoint pupils and exercised her right to remain silent regarding the incident.

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