Motorist stranded for hours on interstate due to snow and accidents

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Motorists traveling on Interstate 75 began to face bigger issues as they have spent hours attempting to get home in freezing, inclement weather conditions — which are continuing to worsen.

Some are becoming anxious on highways with batteries dying, windshields freezing, and their cars running out of gas.

Many of these issues are only made worse by large vehicles on the roadways such as semis, trailers and others that have become stuck or jackknifed.

However, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 7 said they did "everything possible in preparation" and the winter weather caused roadways to "deteriorate quickly."

"Roadway conditions deteriorated quickly this morning due to the high rate of snowfall and decreasing temperatures. District 7 did everything possible in preparation for this winter event. Pre-treating with brine was applied to roadways on Wednesday and Thursday by maintenance crews. All available plow and salt trucks were utilized for clearing routes," they said in a release around 8:30 p.m. "Today’s snow was heavy in weight, causing pavement to be covered again as soon as plowed. The precipitation primarily occurred during the intense time of mid-day traffic. Freezing pavement temperatures resulted in ice forming beneath the snow."

If at all possible, the public should make an effort to stay home on Friday, the release suggested. If you must travel, please plan ahead for Friday’s commute to allow additional time to reach your destination.

According to Madison County EMA Director Dustin Heiser, a report has been received from the state transportation cabinet that the Northbound lane on I-75 was again shutdown around 7 p.m. due to two semis trailers which jackknifed. Fortunately, there were no injuries.

The Southbound lane is reported to be moving, but extremely slow. The North bound lane is said to be open again, but also at a stand still.

However, a situation which occurred earlier which involved nine semis who had also jackknifed on the highway and closed the lanes for hours, delaying traffic.

He stated if anyone is stuck and experiencing issues such as running out of gas, batteries dying or frozen windshields, to call emergency services for assistance.

According to District 7 of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, their crews are still working to treat, clear, and plow roadways. Some roads such as Lancaster Ave. and US 25 have been shut down at times or close to stand-stills due to accidents.

The National Guard has also been called in to help assist the state transportation cabinet by Gov. Andy Beshear who has declared a state of emergency.

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