The McCready-Telford Foundation, which supports various projects benefiting residents who live at McCready Manor and Telford Terrace, received a $10,000 grant from the Honorable Order Kentucky Colonels (HOKC), according to a news release.

This money, the release states, will go toward the construction of a portico at McCready Manor in Richmond.

The foundation serves to help make improvements that benefit the quality of life for residents.

“The portico will extend from the entrance to the parking lot protecting residents — many on walkers — from bad weather,” Carrie Kline, foundation board member and Legacy Society member of the foundation, said in the release. "We are thrilled the Kentucky Colonels feel as I do that the St. Andrews Retirement Community is so important to our community, and we thank them.”

Director of the foundation, Reid Livingston, said that this structure was needed in order to help protect residents from inclement weather.

"It is important to residents, many of which use walkers and are exposed to weather as they come out of the front door going to their car," Livingston said. "It's a lot of effort to get to the car and put the walker in the trunk and what not. From a health standpoint, it is important to shield them from the weather."

He said the board has been pushing for this project for around a year, and it will require additional funds besides the grant. The foundation and individuals have been fundraising on their own to help.

Currently, the project is being bid out, and therefore, the exact cost remains unknown. However, Livingston said, he hopes construction will begin next year.

"We are continuing to look for support, be it businesses, individuals and community members," he said.

The McCready-Telford Foundation also received funding from the Richmond Rotary Club to purchase four benches, to provide seating for residents in case of emergencies or fire drills.

The benches were manufactured by Green Tree Plastics located in Evansville, Indiana.

The funds donated from the rotary club fund both the benches, transport of materials of sorted plastics and the cost of a "donated by" plaque to credit the club for each bench.

For those interested in learning more about supporting McCready Manor and Telford Terrace, contact Livingston at (859)-625-1400 or go to

Reach Taylor Six at 624-6623 or follow her on Twitter @TaylorSixRR.

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