At their regularly scheduled meeting Thursday night, the Richmond Planning and Zoning Commission met to discuss zone changes for two properties, as well as discussing the upcoming comprehensive plan and electing their chair members.

According to Tyler Stone, the commission’s clerk, the first property discussed for a rezone was located on Boggs Lane near a strip mall which currently is zoned as R1, or single family residential.

The owners of the property went to the board for a zone change requesting that it be rezoned as B3, or highway business, which Stone says is a majority of the zoning classification on Boggs Lane with the upcoming Planet Fitness and existing O’Charley’s Restaurant.

Board members also discussed the rezone for lots 105-109 at Ash Park Duplexes near Four Mile Road.

Currently the existing zone for the property is R3, multi-family residential, but the owners requested it be changed to R2 zone classification, or two-family residential (duplexes).

Stone explained there are some lots in Ash Park that are duplexes and are all the same building, but because of a small lot size, the building cannot fit onto the lot.

He said because the city cannot have two different zones on one lot, the planning commission is going to make it more uniform rezoning an area of 15 feet from R3 to an R2 zone.

The commission also discussed the beginnings of planning for the city’s comprehensive plan, which is done every five years.

“There is going to be a comprehensive plan committee to meet once a month,” Stone said. “We will be going through portions of the comp(rehensive) plan and make one plan for the city including all the master plans of the parks department and the tourism department to be one cohesive thing.”

The Planning and Zoning Comprehensive Plan Committee includes Tyler Stone, Jason Hart, Philip Williams (Codes Enforcement), Katlin Cappel, David Stipes (Richmond Economic Development Corporation), Erin Moore (Parks and Rec), John McIntosh, Lori Murphy Tatum (Tourism) and Tyler Johnson (Community Development).

Stone said the last comprehensive plan was approved in 2017. The completion goal for the upcoming plan is set for 2022.

The board also elected Chris Childers as their chair, and Eugene Estelle as their vice chair.

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