Supporters of President Donald Trump's re-election bid took to the streets on Saturday, parading down one of Richmond's major thoroughfares.

A large group of cars and trucks decked out in pro-Trump and American flags gathered together at the old Richmond Mall to show their support for the Republican president.

The event was organized and shared on Facebook by page creator, Jamie Roaden, and invited supporters of the president to gather together Saturday afternoon to advocate for President Trump in the parking lot and then started a train of cars which drove around the Eastern Bypass.

"President Trump continues to be extremely popular here in Madison County as well as statewide, which has contributed heavily toward the major growth we've seen in the Republican Party here in Kentucky," James Kirby Easterling, president of the Republican Party of Madison County, said on Saturday. "Active participation in the Republican Party is at an all-time high in Madison County and I expect this trend to continue."

Roaden said the event was an echo of a similar one months ago in Lexington. 

“The event is just a chance for fellow Americans that are President Trump supporters to show their support,” Roaden, the event’s organizer, said. “The event will be a reflection of the Trump train that was held in Lexington a couple months ago.”

And it seems, all parties can agree that an individuals' freedom to express their first amendment right is an important one. 

"It's always good to see anyone exercising their first amendment rights. We hope they've chosen to do so with the health of the community in mind," Bethany McGuffin, a representative for the Madison County Democratic Party, said. "With the election over and decided, and President-elect Biden focused on moving our country forward in a positive direction, we are looking forward to our work in the coming year with our county party and state party elections."

Supporters at the event proudly proclaimed Trump 2020 over megaphones as they communed with one another.

When asked why he came out to support Trump, one supporter, Josh, said “there are a lot of reasons. But I will say, I just don’t like the other one (Biden).”

But not all were thrilled with the event. 

When asked about the event George Brosi, a member of the executive committee of Madison County Democrats, said, “I’m really sorry that happened today. It’s obvious that Trump is a discredited fixture of the past, at this point. It’s really sad that he debased the presidency in the way he did. And, it’s really sad that a few people are still clinging to some kind of image of him as someone worthy of supporting."

Borsi said the Democratic Party must bear responsibility for the continued outpouring of support for Trump.

"I understand this whole phenomena is partly the fault of the Democrats. A lot of what motivates people to vote for or rally for Trump is they feel denigrated by the liberals. And that’s our fault. Shame on us, for ever acting that way and providing those kinds of excuses," Borsi said. 

However, he also noted that now should be a time of unity.

"I would hope that people could see beyond that. It’s sad that there is a mutual kind of looking down at one another. We oughta uplift each other and listen to each other," Borsi said. 

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