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A woman injured with this flight of stairs collapsed April 23 has filed suit against the owner of Richmond's Super 7 motel.

A woman who was injured earlier this year after an external stairway collapsed at Richmond’s Super 7 motel suffered serious injuries that may make it impossible for her to work again, according to a lawsuit she has filed.

Amanda R. Williams is suing the owners and operators of the motel, Richmond Host LLC and Alisha LLC, and the motel’s local manager, Paul Patel.

In information Williams submitted to the court, she stated she suffered broken heels and ankles in both legs, three broken bones in her lower back and multiple lacerations and bruises following the April 23 stairway collapse.

Williams said she was visiting a friend who was staying in a room on the third floor of the Super 7 motel. When she left around 10 p.m., she was walking down the steps between the third and second floors when they gave way.

She said she fell all the way to the pavement, landing on her feet before falling over.

She was unable to get back up on her own and was taken by ambulance to the University of Kentucky Medical Center for treatment.

Williams said she must wear a back brace and is “confined to a wheelchair.” Both her legs are in boots, and she is under the care of a orthopedic doctor and a neurosurgeon in additional to receiving physical therapy, according to her suit.

“I may never fully recover,” Williams stated in her court documents.

She has been unable to return to work, and while she was unemployed at the time of the stair collapse, in the past she has worked as a cashier and housekeeper.

Williams alleges in her suit that the defendants were negligent by “specifically allowing or creating a hazardous condition in the stairwell of the premises by failing to ensure that the steps were safe for use ...”

She also alleges the owners and manager should have known about the unstable stairwell.

She is asking the court to award her $200,000 in medical expenses, $500,000 for pain, suffering and mental distress and $400,000 for future impairment to earn a living.

In its response to the lawsuit’s complaint, Super 7’s attorney stated as one of its defenses that Williams’ injuries “were caused or brought about by her own negligence” or that of a third party unknown to hotel owners.

Williams is represented by attorneys Jimmy Dale Williams and Randy O’Neal. Judge William G. Clouse is presiding over the case.

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