On Saturday the smell of fried blackberry pies, the crunch of hay under sandals and tennis shoes and a jazz rendition of “Sharp Dressed Man” wafted through the air at the 31st Berea Craft Festival.

More than 100 artists and vendors gathered on the trail to show and sell their wares.

Numerous patrons of all ages, from near and far, gathered to partake in the event. Some avidly browsed clay pots and reusable candles, while others took a break from the humidity to enjoy some music and a cup of lemonade.

Five-year-old Bella Bushold, from St. Louis, tried to convince her mother to buy her a “very pretty” multi-colored, handmade necklace by Purple Cactus Studios from Coral Springs, Fla.

“I might wear this home if you buy this for me,” she said matter-of-factly.

“And maybe even the day after that and the day after that.”

But humans weren’t the only ones in attendance at the festival, a couple of dogs and even some parrots made an appearance.

Owensboro resident Maggie Brackett, 12, visited some of the booths with her two parrots, Lucas and Harry, on her shoulders. Though she was a visitor at the festival, she became an exhibit herself as people around her began to ask about the parrots.

She told the crowd Harry, who is an Jenday Conure, is six months old and Lucas, who is a Caique, is a year old.

Festivalgoers weren’t the only ones chatting away at the event.

David Enge, of Tater Knob Pottery, talked about the importance of uniqueness during a pottery demonstration at his booth.

“Maybe the coffee will even taste better now that you know that you have your own mug that didn’t come from Walmart,” he said.

Some who had gathered to watch him seemed taken with his words and his skill.

Summer showers held off during the early part of the day, although the Berea Craft Festival always seems to bring rain.

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