A recent fight in the Madison Central High School cafeteria was recorded and posted for several days on the popular YouTube Web site.

The 43-second clip featuring a male student repeatedly punching and kicking another male student who is on the ground was viewed more than 800 times since being posted Thursday.

It was removed by the anonymous use sometime Tuesday afternoon.

The song “Kung Fu Fighting” plays over the clip, titled “fagmo gets a** kicked,” and derogatory remarks, including a gay slur, is interspersed in writing.

The low-quality video appears to have been recorded by a cell phone.

“The district does not tolerate fighting on school property or at school-sponsored events and works very hard to make this expectation known to students each year, and therefore, hold students accountable,” said Superintendent Tommy Floyd. “It is essential that the parents of Madison County understand that we work very hard to establish and maintain safe schools and student confidentially.”

The incident was handled appropriately at the time by the Madison Central administrative staff, said Floyd, who added that he could not elaborate.

Richmond Police Maj. Mitch Brown said the fight was handled internally by the school and a criminal complaint has not been filed.

When the information about the video was provided to district officials, Floyd said it did provide more evidence to consider.

“As long as the Internet continues to be more accessible, it will cause school officials to decide how best to respond to the invasion of student privacy,” he said.

“With the pending onset of House Bill 91 (anti-bullying bill) becoming law, it will effect the arena that school officials will operate in dealing with bullying, especially cyberbullying, and what students can post to the Internet and the implications to them,” Floyd said.

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