A Berea man accused of violently attacking his former girlfriend and then leading police on a chase that ended in a stand-off most likely will have to pay a full $50,000 cash bond before he can be released, District Judge Brandy O. Brown said Wednesday.

During a hearing in Madison District Court, in which 29-year-old Jesse Brian Conner waived his right to a preliminary hearing, the judge said she probably would not lower Conner’s bond, even if his attorney was able to verify his address and prove that he was not a transient.

“Considering the nature of these charges, it is highly unlikely I’d do anything with the bond anyway,” Brown said.

Although she cannot yet officially rule on Conner’s bond because his pretrial information is incomplete, Brown said it is very unlikely that she would decrease the amount.

Madison County Attorney Marc Robbins said he would oppose any reduction in Conner’s bond.

“In the grand scheme of things, of all the cases we see in district court, none are as serious as these allegations,” he said.

Conner is charged with first-degree assault, first-degree unlawful imprisonment, first-degree burglary, first-degree sodomy, first-degree sodomy with serious physical injury, first-degree fleeing and evading police and resisting arrest.

By waiving his preliminary hearing in the case, Brown told Conner he was acknowledging that there was probable cause for the grand jury to review the case.

“This is probably one of the more vicious cases I’ve seen,” Brown said.

The charges stem from a Oct. 29 incident in which Conner allegedly waited inside the home of his former girlfriend and then brutally attacked her when she got home from her third-shift job.

Police first learned of the attack when the victim, who is not being named, went to St. Joseph Hospital in Berea around 10 a.m. to receive treatment for her injuries.

The woman told hospital staff, and later officers of the Berea Police Department, the story of the attack. Police said she was suffering from injuries to her head and face.

She said when she arrived, Conner — who police said had been separated from the victim since March — allegedly struck her in the face and head with his fists and the butt of a rifle.

“He then proceeded to tie her up and forcibly rape and sodomize her,” said Berea Police Chief Dwayne Brumley.

Brumley said the victim somehow managed to escape from the restraints and get to the hospital.

After police learned about the assault, several agencies were put on the lookout for Conner. Police sent out a description of him and the truck he was driving.

Madison County Sheriff’s Deputy Phillip Sturgill eventually spotted Conner in the Scaffold Cane area, Brumley said. As he attempted to get Conner to pull over, he was joined by two Berea Police officers who were in the area.

Conner allegedly refused to stop his vehicle, and a pursuit was on.

When Conner drove to the end of Kindred Road, Brumley said, he stopped because the road dead-ended.

The officers got out of their vehicles to approach Conner, but he held them at bay by holding a gun to his head, saying he would shoot himself if they approached, Brumley said.

The stand-off, which lasted about 20 minutes, ended when Sgt. Scotty Anderson of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, managed to talk Conner into putting the gun down.

“I was trying to keep his attention,” Anderson said earlier. “I talked to him and tried to have some rapport with him. He was talking to his mom on his cell phone and he was just acting scared. I told him he could come with me. He wanted to know what was going to happen to him and I just kept telling him, ‘I don’t know. Let’s me and you go down to Berea and find out.’ I wanted him to just put down the gun and bring him in.”

Anderson said Conner told him he had gotten into an argument with the victim and that she had pointed a gun at him. Conner allegedly told Anderson that said he guessed the victim was going to say that he raped her with a pistol.

Conner finally got out of his truck and was arrested at 1:40 p.m.

He is lodged in the Madison County Detention Center.

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