The new mural painted by Richard Deane which hangs above the YMCA pool.

Richmond artist Richard Deane will have a reminder of his work every time he goes for his early morning swim at the Telford Community Center YMCA.

The former Eastern Kentucky University art professor, who still teaches privately, brightened up the pool area Thursday after unveiling his colorful, Y-shaped mural.

“It’s in the shape of the YMCA logo and it’s divided into four parts,” said Deane, a former YMCA board member. “Each part represents one of the areas that the aquatic program has emphasis. There’s water aerobics, teaching, just fun and competition.”

“It looks pretty good,” he said. “It seems to be just about the right size. I think because of its color it seems to draw a lot of attention to the room. I think we accomplished what we set out to do.”

Deane also recently unveiled a 6x8-foot mural depicting the scene at the Thomas Palmer House after the 1862 Battle of Richmond.

Having been a member of the swim team at the University of Kentucky and a coach of teams at Bryan Station, Model Laboratory and Madison Central high schools, Deane was very familiar with the subject of the 10x8-foot mural.

From young to old swimmers and a variety of ethnic groups, the mural includes a diverse representation.

“The YMCA and the aquatic program are very diverse and they try to meet the needs of everyone who comes there,” said Deane, who completed the work in about three months. “I think the Y is a community organization and it caters to all of the community. I tried to put that in the mural — young, old and different ethnic groups.”

The feedback from people about the mural has been very positive, said Susan Patton, program director of the Telford Community Center YMCA.

“It just encompasses everything we do in the aquatics department,” she said. “I was just like, ‘wow,’ when I saw it. The colors are just brilliant.”

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