The roles of students and educators were reversed Thursday at Glenn Marshall Elementary during the second annual Leaders and Learners Day.

Local business leaders and educators within the district and surrounding areas were placed in small groups and guided by students to student-led demonstrations ranging from skits, talent shows, debates and reenactments.

More than 150 guests came for the event, but the crowd of strangers did not seem to intimidate the students. They had no trouble making eye contact, speaking clearly and guiding the adults through the school-wide exhibits.

The professional-like behavior could be attributed to Glenn Marshall being a Leader in Me school, said principal Abby White.

For two years, the school has been implementing “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” from the book by Stephen Covey. The Leader in Me program was developed from the book and is a school-wide effort to develop both staff and students as leaders, White explained.

“The seven habits teach students how to be responsible, confident, look people in the eye and recognize that each student has a talent to be recognized,” she said. “In some way, they are all leaders.”

Some students portrayed historical figures, using performance skills to recreate accents, gestures and emotions. Other students led guests throughout the exhibit and the school, acting as tour guides. Some students drew pictures and used them to help describe their classroom experiences. Others stood in a circle and debated topics introduced on the spot by a teacher.

The day also offered other activities. A career fair began the morning, where students traveled among professionals to learn about the education, training and skills required for various professions.

A school-wide talent show ended the day.

Being a Leader in Me school has improved attendance, as well as behavior and academics, White said.

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