Sitting Madison County Judge/Executive Kent Clark said he is running for another term because he wants to continue using the knowledge and experience he has gained while serving the county.

If re-elected, Clark said his goal is “to maintain and improve the quality of life our residents are accustomed to” and promised to maintain a balanced budget and “live within our means.”

The county’s long-term growth is an issue he cited as a major concern, and Clark promised to begin planning how to expand the county’s infrastructure to accommodate future growth.

“We continue to grow at a tremendous rate; as we have been for the last decade,” he said. “We have to plan for this growth; it isn’t going to slow down. Our population is approximately 83,000 today and is projected to be 105,000 in 2020. Services, infrastructure, recreational facilities, schools and hospitals are just a few of the needs that have to be addressed. I started planning for 2020 in 2000.”

Always being willing to talk is just one of the reasons why Madison County residents should support Clark in the November election.

“I have an open-door policy and a willingness to work with any resident of Madison County in order to help them or their family,” he said.

Daniel M. Quick

Republican candidate Daniel M. Quick, 36, has lived in Madison County for 10 years. He is the owner of Matrix Tumble and Cheer Center in Richmond.

Quick, who earned an undergraduate degree in political science, said he decided to run for judge/executive because he always has been interested in politics and thought it was time to bring new ideas to the county.

“I thought it was time to step up to the plate and offer some new ideas,” he said.

He said it seems that the same people are elected to run the city and county, and he thinks it is time for change.

“If nothing ever changes, nothing ever changes,” he said.

One of the biggest issues facing the community is out-of-control spending, which Quick said is a problem at every level of government.

“We have to get people to be fiscally more conservative,” he said. “We can’t keep raising taxes and spending more money.”

Quick was unopposed in the May Republican primary.

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