Ethan Carpenter of Frankfort, then 5, checks out a fireplace under a portrait of Abraham Lincoln in a main-floor parlor of Boone Tavern Hotel in this file photo. Are there ghosts lurking about the facility? A renowned ghost hunter plans to find out at next month’s Ghost Hunting Getaway Weekend.

BEREA — Is Boone Tavern really haunted? World renowned paranormal investigator Patti Starr is hosting a Ghost Hunting Getaway Weekend at Boone Tavern in hopes of answering that very question.

The weekend is set to take place March 25-27 at Boone Tavern Hotel in downtown Berea.

Boone Tavern was built in 1909 as a place for guests of Berea College to stay during their visit. A recent renovation distinguished Boone Tavern as the first completely green, LEED certified hotel in Kentucky. These are but two of the reasons that Patti Starr chose Boone Tavern for her exciting Ghost Getaway Weekend.

“Boone Tavern just has such great history. In previous investigations, I have seen some interesting things and taken some great photos,” Starr said.

Starr first investigated Boone Tavern,

and its alleged hauntings, for a book

called “Ghosthunting Kentucky” and had a great experience, she said. When planning the Ghost Getaway Weekend, it occurred to her that Boone Tavern would make for an unforgettable weekend of paranormal investigation.

Starr contacted the management of Boone Tavern regarding the idea, and their reply was enthusiastically positive. Many of the employees at Boone Tavern were interviewed about their spooky experiences while Starr she was researching her book. There have been reports by employees and guests of a ghostly little boy that is said to inhabit Boone Tavern, she said. Starr hopes to encounter him, and any other spirits that may be present, during the event.

Paranormal investigations have grown in popularity thanks to television shows such as “Ghost Hunters” and “Paranormal State.” Starr works with the same inventor who supplies ghost-hunting equipment to the team from “Ghost Hunters” and will use the getaway weekend as a chance to introduce new equipment to her fellow ghost hunters. Ghost hunting equipment can be quite expensive, but Starr said she recently has found that using Apple’s iPhone can cut costs drastically.

“I have conducted a full blown investigation using only my iPhone,” Starr said. Many paranormal investigating applications for iPhone are available for very little cost, she said, allowing amateur ghost hunters to investigate with little monetary investment.

In addition to her ghost hunting adventures, Starr also is a respected lecturer, published author and owner of the Ghost Hunter Shop located at 835 Porter Drive in Lexington.

The Ghost Getaway Weekend will include workshops on the use of ghost-hunting equipment, as well as several seminars and nightly ghost investigations, Starr said. On Sunday, participants will meet and share what evidence they gathered during their investigations. The weekend promises to be exciting and informative for all those interested in the paranormal.

Reservations for the weekend are still available. To contact Patti Starr to make a reservation for the Ghost Getaway Weekend or for more information, call the Ghost Hunter Shop at 1-859-576-5517 or visit www.ghosthunter.com.

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