Around 200 bricks etched with the names of veterans in Madison County will be unveiled next weekend as a part of the new veterans memorial at the Jesse M. Dykes American Legion Post 12 site to celebrate the post's 100-year anniversary.

According to David Gannon, the chair for the memorial project, the legion has had bricks with names on them that started years ago, and when thinking about how to celebrate the milestone event, they decided that they wanted to do a memorial and implement the already existing bricks.

"I said, 'We were going to do it,'" he recalled. "We didn't even have the funds for it -- we still don't have the funds for it -- but we are doing it."

The legion members reached out to M.P. Kelly Design and Construction company for a design, asking for the bricks to be included in a walkway as opposed to a wall, so that they could install more later on.

Then the construction company, HB Masonry, a local Richmond business that installed the bricks, donated its time and work to the project for free.

"A lot of people do that, to help out vets," he said. "This is a huge deal, this veterans memorial is all we have in Madison County to honor the people who have served over the years."

Gannon said that he himself will have five family stones included in the memorial of veterans, including his grandfather, father, himself, his son-in-law and father-in-law.

"A lot of people are doing legacies," he said. "Fathers, sons and daughters -- all different ones."

Relatives or loved ones of those who have served can also purchase bricks to be installed in a separate location near the memorial, which Gannon said he had around 10.

And while there are about 200 bricks installed for the dedication, people can still purchase bricks to be added in later on to the memorials. Gannon said that there are still around 600 to 700 spaces that could be filled with names.

"The bricks will always be available to be put in, there is no stop," he said. "There will be people putting them there years down the road."

On Aug. 17, the day of the dedication, people can also order bricks with a date to be done and ready to place as soon as Sept. 3.

During the Aug. 17 celebration, which starts at noon, there will be organizations that assist veterans present, as well as food, music and activities for kids. The dedication will take place at 5:30 p.m.

A 4-inch by 8-inch brick costs $100, and an 8-inch by 8-inch brick costs $225. Those interested in purchasing a brick or donating to the American Legion can call 859-661-5021, visit the post at 550 S. Keeneland Drive or email People can also order online through

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