Donna Moberly

Hello everyone. I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

We have been busy trying to get some of those “put off” summer jobs done. They just keep stacking up. I am not sure if we will ever get them all completed before next summer. It seems the more you do, the more you find to do.

All the buzz around Kirksville is about Kirksville Day.

Don’t forget, it’s Sept. 22.

William Golden and Helen Estes will be your contact persons if you have any questions about the set up at the Community Center.

The cost to set up will be $10 per space. Advanced registration is not required for most vendors. However, if you are a food vendor, you will need to contact someone before coming. The center serves soup beans and cornbread, as well as hot dogs and soda.

The “mayor” had been announced. It will be Rev. Harold Miller. He said that as his first official duty, he will call together the municipal committee to build a swimming pool. Sorry Bro. Miller, your term will be over at the end of the parade.

The grand marshals will be Roger and Jamie Rhodus. They are my new neighbors in my subdivision. Hey Jamie, did the apple fairy bring you some apples?

More plans are set in motion for more great ideas at the center for Kirksville day. They are hoping to have a petting zoo and other great things for the kids.

If all the things the volunteer firefighters are doing, and with participation by all the churches, there will be something for everyone at the community center

Kirksville Baptist church will be having a block party for Kirksville Day. They will be having a full day of great fun activities. Their Christian attitude will be spread with all things involved.

Their parking lot will be loaded will lots of volunteers ready to help provide any child with a day to remember.

The corner, at the caution light, will be ready for anyone who would like to set up for a yard sale, craft sale or any other great idea they may have.

The Rubles and Carpenters have always made a way for those who want to participate to be able to do so.

Oh yes, Mom will be doing the fried apple pies and the pork tenderloin.

It would be great if more of the community could set up yard sales as well. You could post your yard sale sign throughout the community. The community center will be preparing poster signs to help direct you to all the events that day.

I am looking forward to seeing all the flags out. Jeff Renner helps out with that each year. I know everyone enjoys seeing the American flags along the street. Thanks Jeff.

Getting away from all the talk of Kirksville day. The Ross family will be having its reunion at the community center on Sept. 9. Eating will begin at 1 p.m. The center has all the facilities to make a great reunion. Ross family, get there. You never know what the next year will bring.

I hope everyone knew that the community has lost a great friend, Bill Newcomb. He will be greatly missed by all.

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