Katie Rollins

Hello readers, it’s another beautiful Tuesday morning as I write this.

I read where the new addition of First Southern Bank’s new drive-thru in Lancaster had its ribbon-cutting ceremony Oct. 18. We here in Paint Lick really miss the girls and Monty from our Paint Lick branch, so here’s a big “HELLO” from the Friends of Paint Lick.

I’ve done business with Tanya Teabo, but I have yet to see Julie Hatfield at their new jobs.

The weather this coming week will be cooling down a right smart with temps in the mid 30s by Thursday night.

It’s that time of year when we can gather all that’s left in our gardens and make a batch of good-tasting vegetable soup from those leftovers.

It’s pear-ripening time and we have been blessed with neighbors Ike and Loretta Adams as they brought us some of the sweetest and biggest yellow pears.

I still have a few green tomatoes and they will be good with that extra head of cabbage Doug planted in late June.

Adding on a few white potatoes from the store (our garden is just not the place for growing potatoes) and some carrots from sister Peggy, a couple of big white onions and  that soup will take on a whole new meaning. I can almost smell the goodness of what HE sends our way everyday.

Paint Lick Christian Church was honored with Hal and Yvonne Davis from Madison, Hanover, Ind., Deborah Messenger of Old Wallacetown Road, and Ike and Loretta Adams as our guests. We have enjoyed Yvonne’s music.

Hopefully, they will return in late November for the holidays.

A reminder ... October is “Pastor Appreciation” month.   

I received a call from Ms. Ruth Ross and she tells me the Fifth Sunday Hymn Sing will be conducted at New Antioch Christian Church on Buckeye Road on the last Sunday in October. It will begin at 6 p.m. and everyone is welcome.  

Happy birthday to Jerry Lamb, Paul Henderson and Cyeril Green, all on Oct 20; and to Deborah Messenger on Oct 27. To my sister, Emma, a beautiful day on Oct. 25 and to a special friend on Oct. 26.  

There is a new spot in the backyard or should I say an old space in the backyard at Friends of Paint Lick and thanks to my brothers, Johnny and Bobby Alexander, we now have a picnic area for the “doc” and his staff to enjoy their lunch or just to sit out back on a slow day and watch the sun.

I know they are busy most days, but the “Doc” would tell me himself to slow down some.

May God bless,

Katie Rollins

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