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Local author Todd Moberly wrote his first novel, Notes on Cracker Barrel Napkins.

Starting today, The Register’s serial story section will have a more local flare and it starts with local author Todd Moberly.

Moberly is the first author to be featured in the Register’s Final Draft Project, which lets local writers have a chance to showcase their stories, essays, poems and more. More details on how to submit stories will be announced later.

Moberly recently retired from teaching and published his first book, Notes on Cracker Barrel Napkins, last September. He’s currently working on a second book.

Over the coming weeks, readers will have a chance to enjoy two excerpts from his second book — Funeral Home Fan Club and Walking Softly. A third excerpt, Scratched Cats, is from a future collection Moberly hopes to publish.

Moberly said readers will be introduced in “Funeral Home Fan Club” to Miss Annie Pepper, a quirky but harmless little old lady who loved funerals in the fictional rural Kentucky River community of Fordville, the place she “loved to death.”

In “Walking Softly”, Moberly said readers can expect a simple life lesson from the narrator’s hero, “his ne’er do-well great uncle and foremost Fordville alcoholic, Jennings Bryan ‘J.B.’ Hall.”

Moberly said “Scratched Cats” is part of another collection he hopes to publish in the future..

“'Scratched Cats' is part of another collection of short stories (that I eventually hope to finish) dealing with the daily lives of rural Kentuckians in ‘The Dirty 30s,’ and takes place at the height of The Great Depression, told from perspective of a thirteen year old boy coming to terms with the realities of life, death and hope,” he said.

Moberly said he sees himself more as a storyteller than writer. He added he’s always loved learning about the past, especially from the people who have lived it, those who have told their stories.

As for advice for those looking to write a book or short story, Moberly said to just get started.

“Write every day, if only for five minutes,” he said.

Moberly’s story will appear over next few weeks on A6 every Tuesday through Thursday as part of The Register’ Final Draft Project.

Jonathan Greene is the editor of The Register; follow him on Twitter @jgreeneRR.

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