Erin Moore

Erin Moore

For Erin Moore, assistant director of the Richmond Parks and Recreation Department, planning and executing special events is a big part of her life.

She comes by it naturally; her father was a planner/scheduler at Fort Knox, and her mother, a social worker, working as a drug and alcohol prevention specialist, planned large conferences.

When Erin joined the Parks and Recreation Department shortly after her graduation in 2001, it was as program coordinator, and she found herself in the thick of planning the many special events the department is called upon to produce each year.

After she was appointed assistant director, in July of last year, she added administrative duties to her position, but still is actively involved in much of the planning within the department.

Over the years, Erin has adopted a philosophy about planning and successfully completing special events.

“I’ve found that you plan as much as you can, and the day of the event, you just deal with whatever is thrown at you,” she said. That includes outdoor events that may be subject to inclement weather.

“Make you plans and, if rain happens, you just adjust accordingly,” she said.

Erin said one of the most challenging events was the opening of Paradise Cove, Richmond’s aquatic center.

As one might suspect, working for the recreation department does not always involve a 40-hour work week. Erin said she’s been known to put in 60- or 70-hour weeks, as the occasion called for.

“Whenever you have a program going on, you work as many hours as you need to. When you work for a parks and recreation department, you’ve got to love what you’re doing and be dedicated to it,” Erin explained. She said all of the staff members at the department adjust their personal schedules to make sure the many events and programs it sponsors come off smoothly.

Erin said one of the aspects of the job she enjoys most is working with people with special needs. Her bachelor of science degree from EKU is in recreation and parks administration, with a double emphasis in therapeutic recreation and programming.

She is the local coordinator for Special Olympics and enjoys working with the intellectually challenged athletes who take part in sports that include bowling, basketball and track and field.

“Richmond is very lucky to have so many activities and programs for young people. It’s really a great place to live,” she said.

Immediately after graduation from Eastern Kentucky University, Erin did an internship with the parks and recreation department in Boulder, Colo., for about four months. While she enjoyed the experience, and was able to learn a few things she brought back to Richmond, she found she missed her native Kentucky.

“I had a wonderful experience in Colorado, but I missed the green landscape in Kentucky. I missed the four seasons,” said Erin, who was born and raised in Brandenburg, Ky. She said she enjoyed the snow skiing and snowshoeing in Colorado and would like to go back one day for a vacation.

After her return to Richmond, Erin began her career at Richmond Parks and Recreation. “I was lucky,” she said “I got the job virtually out of school.”

In addition to working with those with special needs, Erin especially enjoys working on special events during the different seasons of the year.

“Each season brings something different. I love the variety. I’m not the kind of person who could be stuck at a computer day after day,” she said, adding that fall is her favorite season of the year.

In addition to her career, Erin has an active personal life. She and her husband of five years, Shawn, an EKU police officer, have two children, Abigayle, who is 2-and-a-half, and Connor, who is eight weeks old. She just returned to her job Dec. 1 after maternity leave with Connor.

When she’s not working, Erin enjoys being home with her husband and kids and Lexi, a miniature Doberman, and getting together with friends.

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