Local author pens new book

Dr. Curtis “T” Christian IV’s path to writing his new book was a long one, but none will doubt his qualifications.

In 1982, Christian received a Bachelor of Arts in religion and philosophy from the University of South Carolina. In 1986, he obtained his Doctor of Ministry from the Union Theological Seminary. Then In 1995, he received his Master of Theology from Union Theological Seminary. He has been an ordained minister since 1987 and he has been the pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Richmond, since 2008.

Growing up in the Navy, Christian spent a lot of time in different parts of the world. He served as a navy chaplain for brief time. I

“I’ve loved every place that I’ve lived in as a child," he said when asked which place is most memorable to him. "They all seemed like great places as a child, but I have to admit I love hiking and I fell in love with the mountains of North Carolina.”

When Christian was growing up, he never thought that he would become a writer and said in his younger days he never really much cared for writing. Then in college, Christian actually started out as a physics major as opposed to a religion and philosophy major.

When Christian switched over to philosophy that’s when his thinking started to turn into more philosophical thoughts as opposed to just ordinary thoughts. From these thoughts Christian was having, he naturally developed a habit of writing as a way he could express those thoughts. He started with writing articles and other various selections, then Christian decided he wanted to write a book, and so he did.

When Christian was discovering that he has a passion for writing down thoughts, he didn’t have anyone that really pushed him in that direction, but he did it through reading other people and enjoyed the way that certain writers write.

“I think I can express myself as beautifully as these other writers do, or at least I thought I could," he said. "I really enjoy C.S. Lewis, the way he expresses his thoughts, so I draw a little bit of inspiration from him.”

Christian was asked what other authors he draws inspiration from? He responded with, “I enjoyed reading other authors because I like the way that they expressed themselves so eloquently, but I never tried patterned myself after a specific one, I just thought that there is some idea within my and I'm going to try to find a way to express it myself.”

“The Angels of Hellas” is Christian’s second and most recent book. It became available in October. This book is different from the first he wrote, which is more of a theological history. The Angels of Hellas is a theological science fiction book and is available for purchase on Amazon.com.

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