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The Kentucky State Police is partnering with the University of Kentucky and the Madison, Jessamine, and Garrard County Extension offices to provide a “Farmer Outreach” forum that will forge enhanced relationships between law enforcement and the agricultural community.

The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 30, at 6 p.m. in the community room of Central Bank, 350 W. Main St., Richmond. Topics will range from safety regulations and licensing requirements to driver qualifications.

For more details, about the program, contact the KSP Division of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, 606-783-9542.

Graze dormant alfalfa

After the temperatures dipped into the mid 20s last week, now is the time to graze off alfalfa fields. In general, we recommended allowing alfalfa growth to accumulate for about six weeks before the first killing frost is anticipated. This allows alfalfa plants to replenish root carbohydrate reserves before winter. However, once plants are dormant, the accumulated growth can be grazed by livestock. This should be done promptly, before the frozen leaves drop off. Allow three days after a 25 degree Fahrenheit freeze to graze to reduce bloat potential.

An added benefit of grazing the frosted forage is that it tends to reduce alfalfa weevil populations the following spring. If possible, leave roughly 3 to 4 inches of stubble to catch and hold snow to reduce winter damage and minimize temperature fluctuations that may result in plant heaving.

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