I was just thinking the other day about several things Nancie and I have experienced recently that brought a lot of joy to our hearts.

On the afternoon of May 9, we went to the beautiful auditorium at Madison Central High School for a performance of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” I can’t imagine a finer performance of this Andrew Lloyd Weber musical. Nancie and I have been involved in numerous productions of this kind during our long musical careers. This was, without a doubt, one of the finest I’ve ever seen. The singing, acting, choreography, set and orchestra all were excellent.

With a total of 65 in the cast, six in the orchestra and 36 in the crew, the amount of work and coordination that went into this production is mind-boggling. It speaks so well of Madison Central. The vocal/choral program, and the band program both are outstanding. I offer my most sincere thanks to Ms. Lisa Jury who deserves the thanks of us all. I am proud that we have this outstanding high school in Madison County.

This is very close to our hearts, because our daughter Terry, who teaches in American schools overseas, teaches theatre and music. This is the kind of thing she does. I visited her when she was at the American School in Shanghai, China. I saw her kids do a fantastic production of “Fiddler on the Roof.” While Terry was teaching in Portugal, Nancie went there and accompanied her performance of “Grease.”

A precious little cat has been appearing at our back door. She comes several times a day. She doesn’t appear to be a stray because she looks healthy and is wearing a flea collar. Nancie decided to spoil her, and had me buy some Fancy Feast morsels. The cat loves it and looks forward to seeing Nancie or me so she’ll be fed and loved. She is so cute when she comes and looks in the door with those longing eyes.

An interesting sidelight to this, Nancie began to leave Fancy Feast in a bowl on the patio at night. Each morning the food would be gone and we assumed the cat had eaten it. One morning, the weather was nice and I had the door open instead of using the air conditioning. I heard the bowl of cat food move, but when I looked, a black bird was sitting on the edge of the bowl enjoying the morsels.

There is a very small bunny that comes to the back yard frequently. He is always alone so we wonder if he’s an orphan. He certainly is a cutie.

An important reminder

Today is Primary Election Day. If you haven’t already been to the polls, please do so. This is an important duty we should never take lightly.

Trivia answer

Zoos that have put up signs identifying “The Most Dangerous Animal in the World,” have placed those signs on full length mirrors.

Trivia question

What is the only U.S. state that borders only one other state?

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Age is creeping up on a man when the gleam in his eye is caused by the sun’s reflection on his bifocals.

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