Happy 100th birthday: 3 centenarians celebrate milestone at McCready Manor

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Harriet Aspension Norland, Charlotte Richey Gorman and Grace Maggard Bowles, admiring Jim and Lynda Wooten's 1947 Mercury car at McCready Manor in Richmond.

McCready Manor recently had a celebration of life -- not for one centenarian but three amazing ladies. The ladies were all smiles and much laughter was heard as they told their life stories. One would have never guessed that they were 100 years old.

Kelly Benton, activities director at McCready Manor, stated that these three ladies are always delightful and are loved by all. McCready Manor strives to make the residents feel loved in their new home.

The ladies are always up in the morning and fully dressed, including earrings, for another beautiful day.

Jim and Lynda Wooten brought their 1947 Mercury by for the women to admire as part of their celebration. The ladies were all smiles to get to check out the new ride. The Wootens will return in September to give rides in their restored Mercury.

Charlotte Richey Gorman

Charlotte Richey Gorman was born on April 19, 1919, in Minnesota. Charlotte came to McCready Manor in August 2001, from Jacksonville, Florida. As she got older, she wanted to be near her daughter, who lives in Richmond. She has a one daughter, two grandsons and two great-granddaughters.

Charlotte was married on March 1, 1941. Her husband has passed, but they were married for more than 60 years.

Charlotte says "she's a city girl." Her life has always been full of love. She has a love for shoes, still wearing beautiful shoes with a small heel is her joy.

She attends First Presbyterian Church. Church has always been a important part of her life, she said. Charlotte loves being at McCready Manor and said she felt welcome from the very first day.

"It was just like home," Charlotte said.

When she first came, she volunteered as receptionist to welcome people.

Grace Maggard Bowles

Grace Maggard Bowles was born on June 16, 1919, in Richmond. Her family owned the Maggard Hotels on Big Hill Avenue in Richmond. Grace worked till she was 82, helping her brother run a general store in Hazard. She has a sister, Joyce Edwards, that lives in Richmond. She attends Calvary Baptist Church.

Grace was a Navy Wave for about two years, spending time in New York, Georgia and ending in Salt Lake, Utah.

Grace was married Dec. 1, 1944, and was married for more than 62 years. She said they never argued. She has a daughter and three sons, eight grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.

She came to McCready Manor when she was 95. Grace loves playing the piano and has played piano for 75 years at her church. After lunch and dinner, Grace plays for the residents. You know the meal is over when Grace starts to play.

Grace loves to play bingo and collects prizes such as candy. She also loves to knit and crochet.

Harriet Aspension Norland

Harriet Aspension Norland, born July 25, 1919, in Forest City, Iowa, grew up on a farm and was very active in church.

She graduated from Forest City High School, were she was active in band and choir and studied Latin for four years.

She was one of the first females to attend Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, which was an all male college.

On August 31, 1941, Harriet Aspension and Marvin Norland were united in marriage by the president of the college. She still cherishes her wedding dress. She attends the St. Thomas Lutheran Church.

Harriet was an English teacher, coach, directed plays and operas in Iowa. She also taught and was assistant librarian. After her husband's death, she was a substitute teacher, and assistant librarian for more than 20 years.

They were blessed with two children, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren

Harriet's one love was to travel, touring the United States and five trips to foreign countries.

Harriet loved spending time teaching Sunday school and teaching the bible at church. A big part of her life was her friends and the fellowship with them. She loves to play bingo, collecting her prize of toilet paper.

Harriet is a lady that never complains of anything. More than a year ago, Harriet decided to move closer to her children. But lived alone till the age of 98. She came to McCready Manor from Iowa. Her daughter now also lives at McCready Manor.

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