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Frisch's Big Boy in Richmond will close Sunday, August 18 after 35 years in operation.

Just last week Frisch’s Big Boy, located in Richmond, announced that they were closing their doors. It was an announcement which left customers and employees shocked and devastated.

Word got around quick after a late night phone call Tuesday evening, when workers received word that the restaurant would potentially remain open — thinking that their "prayers had been answered."

But their hearts were broken once more, when Wednesday afternoon, it was confirmed by staff that the one location in Richmond will officially close on Sunday.

The managerial staff was told on Aug. 7 that the popular restaurant would close on Aug. 18, which prompted the employees to find a way to save their precious Big Boy.

Several workers reached out to local media to spread the word and set up a protest for Thursday in attempts to convince owners to stay open.

“They have cried and it has been so emotional,” one employee said about the closure. “At first it was like a death, you know, you work somewhere for so long, the other workers, the customers, they become your family.”

According to long time employee Kathy Lyons and the restaurant's assistant manager, Tina Miller, the initial decision to close was because corporate and the property owner couldn't come to an agreement regarding the lease.

When reports were made that they would remain open, everyone was overjoyed hearing that all parties had come to an agreement. But once Frisch's fate was sealed late Wednesday afternoon, employees said that they themselves didn't know what prompted the final decision to close.

Fans of Frisch’s were also upset with the reports of closing after it was reported in an earlier article in The Register.

Reaching more than 12,000 people and welcoming almost 70 comments, readers wrote expressing their sadness, desires for them to relocate and saying how they would miss the famous hot fudge cakes.

The protest is scheduled to take place outside of Frisch’s located on N. Keeneland Drive at 6 p.m. on Thursday.

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