This is the second article based on the 1965-1966 Eastern faculty-staff directory discovered by my wife in a pile of old items. The first column dealt with faculty, this one with the staff employees.

Robert R. Martin was president and Ann Hoge Martin was the first lady.

For reasons of space, I have shortened some titles. The staff included R. Dean Acker (Research), Pat Allison (Assistant Dean of Women), Charles Ambrose (Admissions and Registrar), Laura Ballard (Hostess), Fred Ballou (Bookstore), Martha Barksdale (Registrar), Dixon Barr (Education), Evelyn Bradley (Dean of Women), G.M. Brock (Comptroller), J. Dorland Coates (Education), Lois Colley (Student Loans), Phillip Cuzick (Security), Neal Donaldson (Business Affairs), Donald Feltner (Public Affairs), Fred Gooch (Budgetary Control), Billy Grubbs (Purchasing), Alden Hatch (Housing), Robert Hayes (Counselor) and Julia Hewlett (Housing).

Other staff listed were Mary Hill (Resident Director), Myrtle Holder (Resident Director), Clyde Lewis (History), Hugh Mahaffey (Physician), Henry Martin (Dean of Students), Lawrence Martin (Food Services), James Murphy (Buildings and Grounds), E.B. Noland (Cashier), Frederic Ogden (Political Science), Clyde Orr (Graduate School), Smith Park (Mathematics), Nancy Park (Library), Helen Perry (Administrative Assistant) and Anna Petigo (House Director).

Included were J.C. Powell (Executive Dean), Henry Pryse (School Relations), John Rowlette (Technology), Paul Seyfrit (Dean of Men), William Smith (Budgetary Controls), William Stoll (Men’s Residence), J. Wyatt Thurman (Alumni Affairs), John Vickers (Assistant to the President), Maxine Webb (Teacher Education) and Joseph Young (Business).

In the back of the directory was a listing of faculty who had not had photos taken for the directory. I will list them another time.

Staff with the longest time of service were: Ballou (1925), Barksdale (1934), Brock (1928), Coates (1931), Colley (1929), Lewis (1946), Smith Park (1923) and Perry (1921).

Several items in the back of the directory are of interest. The fall semester did not end until January 26. The vacation time between the August ending of summer school and the beginning of the fall semester was about six weeks. Middle Tennessee and East Tennessee were still members of the Ohio Valley Conference, and the football team only played one night game.

I hope these articles on Eastern in 1965-1966 have brought you some fond memories of people and events that now exist only as a part of Madison’s heritage.

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