This will be the last Waco News for 2009. Happy New Year everyone! It is so hard to believe we’re entering a new decade into the 21st century! I’m still stuck in the 19-somethings!

According to the weather predictors, tonight may be a little treacherous with the rain and the colder temperatures moving in, so be careful while out and about. I still have memories of last year’s ice storm, don’t you?

Speaking of weather, Waco residents who traveled to Fayette County last Sunday were surprised with the sudden onslaught of snow showers. We experienced a dusting of the white stuff, but nothing like what was coming down a little to our north, right Zach, Geraddine Covey and Kacey? The precipitation did lend itself well to enhancing the pleasures of light that only the Horse Park at Christmas could garner.

Scott, Christy, Adelyn and Ian Marshall may get a chance to see a little of the snow that is expected to fall on Friday while they’re visiting relatives in Madison County. You don’t get much snow in Pensacola, Fla., so they’re eagerly awaiting the predicted precipitation (just as long as it’s off the roads by the time they have to drive back home!) We’re glad to hear “Great-Grandma” Irene is doing well after her surgery this week. I wonder if the visitors from Florida had anything to do with her doing wo well?

Speaking of health, Albert Biggs is out and about after suffering a fractured leg over the holidays. He does do a good job with the crutches!

Some of you may have known or heard of June Franklin Dennis, a native of Waco who had been a preacher and businessman.

Mr. Dennis passed away last week and was laid to rest at Flatwoods Cemetery on Tuesday. Sympathies are extended to his family and friends at this time.

That’s about it for this week. Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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