With the back-and-forth of whether or not Frisch's Big Boy was to close their doors, the Richmond Big Boy was no longer as of 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

But with its closing, more rumors continued to spread throughout the community that the popular food-chain restaurant would perhaps reopen once more later on in the year after renovations.

In an interview with Todd Napier, vice president of marketing for Frisch's corporate office, he said that as of now, they are looking at many options to hopefully continue with a franchise in Richmond but that the rumors are "just speculation."

"We have a really high desire to serve the people of Richmond so we are still looking at all kinds of options," he said. "There's nothing new that I can say on this front, but we are looking at a lot of options and that might be what is sparking what you are hearing (in) the community but nothing is confirmed, signed or sealed and if there was, we would make a big deal about it."

Napier reported that closure was because the franchisee decided that he did not want to continue as the operator of the Frisch's, which was located on N. Keeneland Drive near exit 90.

"This was a franchise owner decision and not a company decision," Napier explained. "We are actively looking in Richmond and we are still looking at a lot of options."

As to whether or not the franchisee can still own the rights after they close, Napier said that it depends.

"If they decided that their contract is up for renewal and that they don't want to do it, they can sell it or do something different," he explained. "But where the owner has decided to not renew his contract, he can't open in any other place."

The Frisch's location announced the first time about the closure to their employees on Aug. 7, and officially closed on Aug. 18 with a note left on their double-doors thanking their customers for all their support.

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