Last week, the Frisch’s Big Boy located off exit 90 announced that they would be closing their doors on Aug. 18, which left long-time employee Kathy Lyons “heartbroken.”

"It’s like family,” she said. “You work at a place, you spend more time at work than you do at home.”

Lyons, 44, began working at the diner located on N. Keeneland Drive when she was just 14-years-old, and said that each of her three daughters have worked there as well. One of which is currently employed there now.

According to Lyons, the managers informed the employees of the location’s closing on Aug. 7.

“Everyone is really sad to see it go. Everyone is just very, very sad,” Lyons said.

She said that, like her, there are workers that have been serving at Frisch’s for decades, with family following in their footsteps. One of which is the restaurant's assistant manager, Tina Miller, who has worked at the Richmond location all 35 years that it has operated.

"Our hands are tied," she said shaking her head. "If nothing is done by Sunday, we are done."

"All we can do is pray," one employee interjected.

And according to Lyons, she and many of the employees aren’t giving up without a fight for their beloved Big Boy.

Once the closure was formerly announced, the workers banned together and decided that they will hold a protest in hopes to change the property owner’s mind.

“Everybody decided to do it, and posted about it on Facebook,” Lyons said. “We are thinking that maybe the person who owns the property will change their mind.”

She said that she hopes to have a good turnout for the protest with “people wrapped around the building.” The protest will be held Thursday at 6 p.m. at the restaurant’s location.

“I hope they change their mind, and the land owners decide to let us stay there," she said. “My nieces and nephews have worked there. There is something about it that just kills me to see it go and for the people that have worked there for years it breaks my heart for them.”

The Richmond Frisch’s last day of operations is planned for Sunday.

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