Kentucky Blood Center has an urgent need for local blood donations.

According to a KBC release, there has been a recent “slump” in the number of blood donations.

Mandy Brajuha, director of marketing, said the slump is partially contributed to the way the holidays fell in 2019. Both Christmas and New Year's Day fell mid week, which Brajuha said impacted the Kentucky Blood Center’s ability to collect blood donations.

“We always see a decline in donations over the holidays, but this year, the decline was particularly dramatic due to the timing of the holidays,” Martha Osborne, vice president of marketing, said in the release. “That slump, coupled with weather-related drive cancelations this week in Eastern Kentucky, has left us with blood shortages. We urge the public to to donate as soon as possible to help boost the blood supply.”

The decline in donations has created a shortage due to the fact that transfusions continue at hospitals whether or not there are donations coming in, said Brajuha.

Brajuha said they would like to see around 400 donations every single day in order to replenish their donations. According to KBC, the center supplies more than 70 hospitals with blood donations. The news release states, in the new year, transfusions have “outpaced donations by more than 600.”

“We specifically need O negative blood,” Brajuha said.

This is because o-negative blood is the “universal blood type” and can be used in emergencies when there isn’t time or the ability to check for the patient’s blood type, Brajuha explained.

There are two donor locations for the Kentucky Blood Center in Lexington, two in Louisville, one in Somerset and one in Pikeville.

Brajuha explained that every second and fourth Thursday of the month the Kentucky Blood Center holds a drive at the Madison County Public Library's Richmond branch. Brajuha said the drives at the library normal bring around 40 to 70 donations.

Donor center hours and more information can be found

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