Woman escapes from MCDC 

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The health departments hopes to establish a five-year strategic Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) to address top concerns regarding health issues.

Jailer Steve Tussey is taking responsibility for the escape of a woman from the Madison County Detention Center in a statement he released on Tuesday.

"I personally take full and complete responsibility for this occurrence and pledge to you that appropriate training, counseling and discipline has already been implemented to help prevent reoccurrence," Tussey said in a statement. 

An investigation revealed the cause of the woman's escape was due to "staff's inattention to their duties."

On Sunday, Sept 20, a female inmate being held for non-violent felony drug charges escaped the facility for several hours. 

"This event was completely and absolutely caused by staffs' inattention to their duties which allowed a female inmate to breach our secure perimeter by accessing an outside door," Tussey said. "This went unnoticed for approximately a minute, however, this was sufficient time for her to leave the property and prompt a search which resulted in her capture a few hours later that same day." 

According to the jailer, the female inmate managed to get out for several hours. She was later picked up the same day by the Kentucky State Police and returned to MCDC.

"We take great pride in our responsibility to provide a safe and secure facility, however, we too are only human, and very capable of making mistakes," Tussey said. 

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