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Gibson Bay Golf Course recently acquired four Finn Scooters. The single-person vehicles can reach speeds of 15 miles an hour and are design to make golf quicker and more fun.

It’s an unusual sight for many of the golfers who come to Gibson Bay to play golf.

Sitting next to the front entrance, not that far from the carts, sits a group of two-wheeled vehicles that look like a cross between a motorcycle and a regular bicycle.

“Everybody asks, ‘What is that, and how does it work?,’” said Jason Eberle, head professional at Gibson Bay.

They are called Finn Scooters.

The golf course acquired four of the motorized cycles last month — and so far, they’ve drawn a positive response from local golfers.

“It’s something different and exciting,” Eberle said. “Everyone who has done it has really enjoyed it. Many people have already used them repeatedly.” 

The one-person scooters can reach speeds of up to 15 miles an hour, are easy to drive and feature a large front wheel with a smaller wheel on the back. A golfer can place their bag across the center support, allowing easy access to clubs from the front of the vehicle through the handlebars.

Gibson Bay is currently one of only two golf courses in Kentucky with this type of scooter.

“They make the game quicker,” Eberle said. “They are a lot of fun to ride. They make playing golf more fun.”

The scooters are designed to make playing a round quicker.

Not only are they faster than a traditional cart, they are more versatile. At Gibson Bay, the scooters are allowed onto all parts of the course.

“They have a very limited impact on the golf course,” Eberle said. “So, you don’t have to stay on the cart paths. They can drive them right up on the green and right by the tee rather than staying on the cart path and walking more.”

Gibson Bay has four of the vehicles now.

They can be activated through the Finn Scooters app on a smart phone. The rental fee is about $9 more than the cost of a cart.

Golfers must still reserve and pay for a tee time through Gibson Bay’s website before purchasing time on the scooter.

Eberle said if the single-rider vehicles continue to gain popularity with local golfers, that Gibson Bay would be interested in purchasing more.

“If we can get those to go out every day, I think we will add to our fleet if we see the demand. Hopefully, it will grow into something,” Eberle said.

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