The Madison County Fiscal Court approved several bids throughout different departments Tuesday morning, starting with the road department.

Scott Shepherd, the county's road department administrator, read aloud individually to the court bids for fuel, asphalt, rock, oil and culverts.

For fuel, Shepherd reported that two bids were received and the fiscal court voted to approve a bid from the Riley Oil Company not only because they were the lowest, but also for "previous years of excellent customer service and equipment support."

Last year's price of gasoline was $2.35 per gallon and this year's price is $2.29 per gallon. For on road diesel, last year's price was $2.56 and this year's price is $2.49. Off road diesel gasoline was priced at $2.34 last year, and $2.26 this year.

The fiscal court approved a bid from the Allen Company Inc. for the department's asphalt supply, as they were the sole bidder.

For base asphalt the price increased for the year $6.65 from $56 per ton in 2018-19 to $62.65 per ton in 2019-20. For surface asphalt, the price increased $7 from $58.25 per ton to $65.25 per ton. Laid base increase by $11.15 per ton and laid surface costs increased by $10.25.

Magistrate Tom Botkin asked Shepherd if he had questioned the Allen Company Inc. for these increases and the justification behind them.

Shepherd replied that he had inquired about the increase in price, and that the company justified it because of petroleum prices going up.

"But as a you can tell by the top one (fuel pricing), fuel prices are actually coming down by terminal price, so I have no explanation for you other than that is the only vendor that we have in this area, and that we have always used," Shepherd said.

Judge/Executive Reagan Taylor reminded everyone that the price presented was good for a year and noted that the company was probably trying to justify their market over the span of the next 12 months.

"The judge and I have talked about that, and it is very important to us, but with the tariffs and the uncertainty that is going on right now, it is my key component to try and get everything locked in for a year, so we know where we are at and we know we can use our budget to fund what money we have," Shepherd said.

The fiscal court also approved a rock bid from the Allen Company as they were the sole bidder for this project and also have been the sole vendor in previous years.

Apollo Oil was approved as the bidder for bulk oil products as they were the only vendor and have worked with the county before.

Most oil products decreased by an average of $0.75 per gallon, which is the average of products purchases with only two products increasing.

Finally, the fiscal court received four bids for culverts, but only two bids were recognized as the other two did not meet the bid specifications required by the county. The bid was awarded to Foster Supply Inc., which met all qualifications and for their "previous year of excellent service and customer support."

Following that, the magistrates and judge heard from EMA/CSEPP Director Dustin Heiser about a bid for shelter-in-place kits with the start up of the destruction of chemical weapons at the Blue Grass Army Depot.

The kits include tape, plastic wrap and other tools essential in case a chemical spill were to occur at the depot.

Heister advised to approve a bid from the Pioneer Vocational Industrial Services who gave two bid prices depending on the quantity the county would purchase.

If they purchased 5,000 SIP kits, each kit would cost $35.97, and if the county purchased over 10,000, it would be $35.38. The cost includes production of the kits, the costs of the components and the cost of shipping the package to a residents door.

Heiser said that his department plans to have 30,000 purchased kits which would be dropped to residents' doors throughout a certain area in the county over a period of time for free. EMA/CSEPP would also hold back some of the kits at their offices so that people could still come in and request them.

The fiscal court heard from Deputy Judge/Executive Colleen Chaney who advised the court to approve a bid from the Bullpen Company, owned by Tom Webb, to be the county's grant administrator/writer for "big projects coming up."

"We have a lot of big projects coming up -- million dollar projects -- we will need a grant administrator to handle and apply for," Chaney said to the court.

The court approved the bid at $35,000. The Bullpen Company was the solitary bidder.

Other Business

• The court approved a resolution for a department reorganization for the department of Environmental and Animal Care. Environmental/solid waste functions should be reorganized to fall under the Madison County Road Department, and animal control and animal shelter functions should be organized under the office of the Judge/Executive.

• Taylor proclaimed the week of June 9-15 as National Flag Week and asked that all residents of Madison County fly the American Flag throughout that week.

The next Madison County Fiscal Court will be June 25, 9:30 a.m., in Richmond.

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