The Concerned Citizens of Estill County, a group formed in 2016, has filed a petition with the Energy and Environment Cabinet’s (EEC) Office of Administrative Hearings. The group seeks a review of the Cabinet’s decision to allow Advanced Disposal Services’ Blue Ridge Landfill to leave more than 1,000 tons of radioactive waste in the Estill County landfill location.

On May 9, the ECC announced it had accepted the landfill’s proposed Corrective Action Plan — calling for the radioactive material to be “capped in place,” said a release from Concerned Citizens of Estill County, which states the EEC is also allowing the landfill to cease all monitoring for radioactive substances leaving the site after the landfill’s routine post-closure period.

The group cites concerns that the EEC is not requiring the landfill provide additional financial assurances in the event the waste is released from the landfill.

“The ECC justified its decision, stating that leaving the material in place provides the greatest short-term protectiveness to human health and the environment,” the release notes.

The radioactive waste was allegedly dumped in the Blue Ridge Landfill near Irvine between July 2015 and November 2015. Concerns for many came due to knowledge that the landfill is situated in the watershed of the Kentucky River pool, which supplies water to not only Estill County, but also to large portions of Madison County (those serviced by Madison County Utility District and Kirksville Water Association through Richmond Utilities).

Tom Bonny, a founding member of the Concerned Citizens said, “The citizens of our community deserve to have a better understanding of the actual characteristics and concentration of the TENORM (waste) that is buried in our midst before the final CAP is approved.”

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