Eastern Kentucky University School of Music and The Richmond Area Arts Council have teamed up to bring music to the younger generation. The program, entitled Pre-K Steps in Music, is for children who are ages three through five, and it educates them on multiple aspects of music.

Christine Carucci, associate professor of music education, told The Register there are three major curriculum areas for the program. The first is teaching the kids how to be tuneful, which means they will be singing and developing their voices. The second is teaching children how to be beatful, which means teaching them how to keep a steady beat and interpret rhythms. The third is teaching students to be artful, which means to be exposed to the ways that music can move them.

Carucci explained there has been plenty of research that shows music engagement is beneficial to the younger generation.

"Music brings so much joy to life," Carucci said.

She said that she hopes this education about music at a young age will help children become positive about their musical abilities. She said it is a shame when people go through their life thinking they aren't good with music and so they never try it.

"Children who learn to be tuneful, beatful and artful from a young age will grow to be adults who can appreciate and benefit from what music has to offer. Adults who have learned these skills are better able to participate in artistic activities by singing with others, dancing, or playing instruments," a news release from the program stated.

Carucci told The Register the program will be led by EKU students who are in the music education program. She said that she will be helping to develop the curriculum and will also most likely be a part of some of the classes, but overall the EKU students will be the ones in charge.

"It's a win-win situation," Carucci said.

The EKU students will be able to further their education and the children will be able to learn more about music, Carucci explained.

The program will consist of ten classes and tuition for the classes will be $75 dollars. The classes will be held at the Richmond Area Arts Center, 399 W. Water St., Richmond, on Thursday evenings from 5:30 to 6 p.m. Classes begin Feb. 20. If one wishes to have their child join the program, sign up on the RAAC website, https://artsinrichmond.org/education/first-steps.

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