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After unauthorized access to the city of Richmond's technology systems by an unknown third party last week, the city said the investigation into the data breach remains ongoing.

"We are treating this matter with the highest priority and working with independent IT experts to conduct a thorough investigation and response," a release from City Manager Rob Minerich states.

Richmond officials believe at this time the primary impact of the incident has been disruption of access to a shared file storage server.

As of now, there is no evidence that any information has been misused as a result of this incident, and the release states the city is in an exhaustive process of conducting forensic investigations to try and understand what took place and what information may have been impacted.

The incident has not impacted the city's ability to conduct its usual business, and no disruption has been made to public safety systems or the operation of citizen or community services.

Minerich told The Register no equipment was lost, and the city should have a complete resolve soon.

"City email and primary operational systems are fully functional, and we have not detected any impact to our financial systems, including taxes and payroll, which continue to run securely," the release reads. "We have already implemented new system protections and will be seeking additional recommendations for security enhancements as our response continues."

City officials became aware of the unauthorized intrusion into the IT systems on the evening of May 7, which resulted in the disruption of access to some computer equipment.

According to the release, immediately after becoming aware of the attack, city administration took action to investigate and attempt to aid the problem.

Since then, outside IT security and forensics experts are conducting a detailed systemwide review to help restore the affected equipment as well as coordinating with law enforcement, the Kentucky League of Cities and the city's insurance providers.

Officials were unable to answer additional questions as the investigation is on-going.

"We are committed to taking all appropriate action in response to our findings," the release reads.

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