A steady line of cars filed through the parking lot of Berea Community School Thursday evening.

As they did, the parents and students inside those vehicles were greeted by the opening riff of a classic rock song — Alice Cooper's "School's Out" — being played by Travis Marcum, the school's curriculum specialist.

The guitar-playing teacher was at the front of a long line of teachers who showed up at the school to bid farewell to their students for the year.

The elementary student parade came just one day before the final day of instruction for the students.

"We just wanted to be able to see them and let them know that we care about them and miss them," Berea Community Elementary teacher Laura Eiselt said.

The school's elementary teachers spread out across the parking lot from the bus circle to the football field.

The facility went to great lengths to make sure the event was safe. Students and parents were not allowed to leave their cars, and teachers were spread out at stations that were 6-feet apart.

"We even marked off spots in the parking lots," Eiselt said.

The teachers and staff were overwhelmed by the turnout.

"I was excited to see so many students and families," Berea Community Elementary Principal Paula Johnson said. "We are a true community school, with Pirate pride!"

The students have not had in-person instruction since the middle of March. It was the first time many of them had actually seen their teachers in almost two months.

Many of the cars were decorated with balloons and special messages.

"I was really touched by the signs," Eiselt said.

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